Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Cool breezy Air

Fall is absolutely pretty gorgeous here in Texas. Unlike any other states,Texas seemed to be a nice place to live during these times because the temperature is just right that you will be able to enjoy outdoor activities like hiking.

I did go out for a 10 minute walk this morning and it felt so good feeling the coolness of the wind,dry fallen leaves running all over the streets as they were blown by wind.The sun is up but with mild heat.

I am here sitting in the computer room with windows open.It's just so good feeling the cool breeze of November air into my skin.Reminds me of my stay in the province of Cebu when I was still growing up.Laying down in a nipa house where air can get through in and out of the house.How I wish I could go back there someday.I missed the place so much.

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