Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Marriage Material Guy

Keep Him :-)

This guy's got marriage on the brain - and should propose soon...
That is, if you play your cards right. Keep doing what you're doing.
Marriage material guy doesn't like drama - or hot today, cold tomorrow relationships.
So keep it flowing peacefully, and you'll capture his heart.

How to make sure you're ready: Make sure that you love marriage minded guy because he's a fantastic catch - not because he's eager to walk down the aisle.
We're married and everything that's on quiz when I answered this blogthing I made it sure that I write the correct answer pertaining to my guy.Yes,he is a marriage material guy.Every woman longs for. I am just so lucky to have found him among thousands of men in the world.I found the most precious jewel on earth.A whole lot expensive than gem or diamond,MY SANDY.

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