Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Brice Carrington

You might wonder who Brice Carrington is? I am not familiar with him neither his works but anyways,let us get to know what his work is all about.He works as a creative and imaginative sounds and put it into designs on t.v.He has created the T-Rex Tones.Different sounds effects you can hear that are famous are the noisy cricket,pulse gun single,supermobile,Trex eating and a whole lot more. If you really are curious check this out Brice Carrington and explore his website to find out more of what is in there.

So cool to hear some of those mentioned sounds.In fact I keep playing it right here right now.He's been working in creating sound effects for nearly 20 years through the creation of ultimate FX which contribute to feature films,movies,music,sounds,software and ringtones.All these sounds recorder as Brice's original works recorded in six microphones.

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Carrie Smith said...

After reading your cheesecake poste it had me craving something sweet so right now I am sitting here with a bowl of crispy crunch ice best thing to cheesecake.


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