Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Remembrance as the Top Earner of Nov.

I would want to keep a copy of PPP month of November record holder.Yes,it's me on the very first top of the list. I made it to the top when blog PR suddenly increased.That is when I get to the top by grabbing higher opps. I am pretty certain that next month my name won't be listed in their top 10 earner anymore as I can only grab limited payouts now. As most bloggers know, google's PR can make a great impact on blogging for money. I can only hope that even for small opps everyday,atleast I can meet my quota I set for my blogging, a $50/day. Then it would be enough.


Ellen said...

Congrats on your achievement. I am new to blogging and I love reading your blog. You have such interesting posts. Hopefully in 2008, I can be earning some money on PPP also. By the way, I'm a Texan also.
Happy Holiday!

Ellen said...

Thanks for your comment. No, I'm not on PPP yet. I think their requirements are that a blogger has to be blogging for 3 months and the PR has to be up there. I think my PR is only -1 and I've only be blogging for 1 month. But I'll get there soon, unless you take all the money..LOL LOL....just kidding!!! But I do have a link to 2 of your blogs. I'm already learning a lot just from reading your posts.

Novz said...

were you affected by the recent google PR slap on those with PPP? some were given PR0.

SayangMommy said...

Congratulations! :)

*Snap -a- lota* said...

WoW! That is sooo cool! I saw you on there! Yesterday, before the day turned over!!! Congrats!!!!! I just found your blog through it too, and let me tell you it is wonderfully written!
Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!


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