Sunday, November 4, 2007


I am having a heartburn right now. I ate too much today with my friends. We went to church and headed directly to our fave Filipino restaurant in Bedford and ordered a whole daing of milkfish(a whole lotta big huge as in DAKU NA malaki piece of fish),pinakbet and dinuguan that made us pretty full,that was for lunch. Stroll in the mall afterwards... for I think an hour and a half then went to Rose's house and again we let Annie cook pancit bihon..another pakal for dinner before we go to our respective homes.

We finished some leftover we had at the restaurant and oh lots of rice..I went home with a very full stomach and until now,it's almost midnight still have not gotten over this fullness I feel.Arggg heartburn is back I think. Wish sprite could help before I go to bed tonight because I am pretty certain that I'm gonna be having trouble sleeping...

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