Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I got a friend in You

Sweet Juliana for giving me this pretty tag. Thank you for considering me as one of your friends though we just met in blogging world recently. What I like about is that you never forget to remember peeking each of my blog and I appreciate that really.

I am passing this to Ivy, Carrie, Annie, Ritchella,Garfy, Janine, Francine and Recel


Carrie Smith said...

Thank you so much Anne, you are one of my dearest blogging friends and this means the world to me.
I love the picture :0)

You just put a smile on my face...what a great way to end the night

take care Anne
your friend carrie

Ivy Sterling said...

thank you my dear for passing this award to me...really love it. you really make me smile gyud

recel said...

aha! what can i say but thanks to u too! this is so sweet anne! i'm glad to know imo diay ko consider nga friend.. salamat dyud! musta naman ang soon-to-be mommy? excited na noh? c lovely kay nanganak na.. naa na jud tawon iya liwat. nalingaw na ko tan-aw sa iyang pics.. i am anticipating for urs too. take always and God bless!!

janine said...

anne humana ko ani na tag..ako pud daw ka gi tag ug balik..lolz


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