Tuesday, November 13, 2007

My Beefsteak

I am almost out of words now. I am like a drug addict...floating,drunk from sniffing shabu over night. It's because I only had few hours of sleep because I woke up too early and started using the computer at 6:49 a.m this morning.It's not the usual time I wake up you know and makes me tired and moody.

Anyways, enough all that.I would like to share with you my version of Beefsteak.It was Ivy who taught me how to do this. I like it kinda salty,rich and sticky at the same time yummy.


TEEBOB said...

wow kalami ani oi
bisitaha ang www.greatironchef.blogspot.com ako ni nga site and its all about cooking. mahilig sab ko mag loto naa didto mga recipe.

have a nice day diha sa imo

Ivy Sterling said...

kalami ana oi hehe naay bahaw diha?


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