Thursday, November 1, 2007

Goodnight Bloggy

Geeeessss pretty tired here,neck hurts,eyes are heavy.It's late but can't get enough of PPP.I still have to wake up early tomorrow for my OB appointment.It's not gonna be easy and it's my first of my every 2 weeks visit to the doctor since I am now entering to my third trimester.

I should put myself to rest now you know...but what am I doing here? ok ok final bye now..good night everyone and see you tomorrow. Naks we still have a movie to watch so probably I can be in bed by 1 arggsss...
Can't say no to lalabs and besides I enjoy watching horror movies.


Carrie Smith said...

Anne, get some rest now while you can, you are going to need it LOL!

How is ppp going for you?...Since my page rank increased I have been making more money...great news....bad news is our washing machine flooded our loft and garage twic in the past 24 hours.

anyway got to get back to cleaning

take care and get some rest

haze said...

hehehehe...not long from now'll be able to cuddle that little angel....Samot ang kakafuy pero worth it once makita nimo liwat ni Sandy hehehehehe.

Inig kadako sa imoha tiyan igat dili naka kakita sa imoha? Hehehehe maalihan sa tiyan...nyahahahaha.

HAve a great wekeend

texas_sweetie said...

y klaro nimo igata ka oi saon.karon naglisod na gani kog dumdum asa ra gatz ka ingon kog ni cute akong bangag kay wala naman hapit mahikap unsaon..hehe


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