Saturday, November 3, 2007

Nothing Much to do

Yes,it is weekend and time to take a break from the computer but I end up sitting here whoaaa.. hubby is alone in the living room playing his video game and I don't want to sit with him there unless he starts the movie because I only get bored.Besides,I have some low payout opps to do here.

Nothing much going on with the couple today.Only did a quick shopping at Lowe's and baby store to buy some baby stuff and also to look at carseats and strollers. It was indeed a pretty good day and the weather was very friendly and did not have to wear jacket or something because it was just fair.

Wish it would be the same tomorrw but it's gonna be hotter of 81 degrees. Fine though! I am excited to go to church since it's been a long time since no church plus I get to see my local friends Annie and this is all for me today. HAPPY WEEKEND EVERYONE.

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