Monday, November 26, 2007

Gold Medal Wines

I feel so honored to have been given these fine high quality red and white wine from Gold Medal Wine owned by Hambrecht Family. What an early perfect Christmas gift for us and for that I would like to thank them because they make me happy through it.The package arrived Saturday morning and I was shocked upong receiving 2 bottles of wine. I was not really expecting it but here they come.So happy,perfect drink for Christmas,don't you think?

Ok,enough all the bragging. Gold Medal Wine is owned by Bill Hambrecht,a high tech oriented investment banker ended up in the wine business and Bill knows a good vineyeard when he sees it,he's been into wine business for 20 plus years. Hambrecht family wine are named as Belvedere Chardonnay,Russian River Vallery that is for the year 2005,Bradford Mountain Zinfandel and Dry Creek Valley.Mind you guys,his wines have won multitude of Gold Medals won over the years for his popular Belvedere ,Chardonnays and Cabernets.Amazing.
To find out more about this amazingly fine wine please look at for the wine of the month are Belvedere Chardonnay and Bradford Mountain Zinfandel.

It has four exciting series to choose from,gold series-award winning,small production wines,Platinum series-ultra premium,Rare,Collectible Wines,Diamond Series,-Luxury-Premium,Legendary Wines and International series-Hard to find,Imported Wines of the world.

Satisfaction guaranteed.Try it now by simply visiting their website on the link provided here .

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