Saturday, January 31, 2009

Wish Came True

When I was still in Texas, I promised to myself that once I get to visit the Philippines and we land in Lapu-lapu City safely, I would visit the miraculous Virgin Mary in Simala, Sibonga to give thanks to the Mother. After a week of being here, my wish came true. My family, me and friends went over there and kissed the Virgin Mary.

It was another wish came true for me. I thought I could never go see the beautiful church myself but it happened. It wasn't easy for us though we arrived there early but the long line of the crowd was already right in the main entrance which is a mile from the church. It was scorching hot as well and somehow we managed to make it to Simala Church.

... the perfect view of the church on top of the hills.

... me and my baby in our multicab on the way to the church.. pic lang way lingaw..

my brother and friends in front of the big statue of Mama Mary near the second entrance of the church...

playstation 3

I gave our old playstation2 to my family here in the Philippines because my husband bought a playstation 3 couple of months ago. I am happy to know that my family especially my little siblings like the gift we have for them because not all people here in PI have playstation.

I looked at ps2 games in SM today and I was shocked of the price each of the game. It costs 2 or 3 thousand pesos. I told my brother that he is lucky because he's playing or using an expensive toy(by Philippine standard). Games, joystick and the unit alone is kinda high here.

Just One More

I really need to go to bed now. I am so very very tired and I can't do it anymore. Just one more task to do and I'll be done in here. I just have to finish my task and slumber in bed.

I also need to wake up early tomorrow so to get myself ready for church. One of my highschool ka berks got me as her baby's godmother. Ciao everyone! Thanks for the visit today. I am sorry I can't return your comments and visit at this point because schedule here is hectic. Shooting there, signing of autographs there.. buhay yaya lolz!

do you love gucci watches?

My everyday watch is falling apart. It has interchangeable straps of four different colors. I have been wearing this watch for a little over two years and I think it's time for me to change it now.

I am looking at Gucci watches right now and I actually found this very uniquely designed Gucci watch found on their site. I may have to bookmark the url of this watch and I will try to tell it to my husband that I want another Gucci watch this coming Valentine's Day.

Tired and Sleepy

I am very tired at this moment. I spent five hours of walking at SM mall today with my brother, baby and lil sister. I didn't plan of going there today but since Maggie, my ka berk in friendster texted me if I am going to laag in SM, I said yes to her with no hesitation because I am in need of computer table too.

It's just like two birds in one shot amo tuyo didto today. First is to meet Maggie from Arizona who is also in Opon right now and secondly is to buy a computer table so I will be comfortable using my laptop here in our small home.

Our laag was a success one. I bought what I needed to buy, I met my friend and all four of us really enjoyed the long walk we did at the mall. Laag ko maayo kay wa nis ilang Texas jud!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

exit signs

Whenever I am seated in the theater or in the airplane, the very first thing I need to find is the exit because in case of emergency, I know where to go and what to do. With that being said, exit signs should be clear, visible and written in bold red letters so people can see them quickly. Have your signs be made slim at now!

Her Little Auntie

The picture above is of my baby with her little Auntie Alexia. They get along pretty well that makes me greatful because Alex can look after my baby when I have something very important to do. Alex is treating baby Deden as her little sister and so as my little brother Esmael. Thank goodness they welcome my baby like their little sister.
I thought my lil siblings will feel jealous of my baby getting so much attention from me. They are very "paki ate" before you know?

weight loss pills

When I fly back to America, I will try to lose weight naturally by exercising or by doing the usual method I used, the "after 6" and if it's not gonna work for me, I may have to consider looking for the best weight loss pills on the internet with the best reviews from the consumer and see if I like it. I tell you I gain so much weight now that yummy foodies are everywhere.

Permanent Rejected

It sucks to lose some of the opps that pay big bucks. I got three rejected entries that worth 20, 12.50 and 13.65 all three of 'em cannot be resubmitted. I am too busy here to fool around my rejected entries and for that it's too late for me to fix them.

I thought I could make money in one of the best blogging sites in the internet before I left Texas but they turned out to be a "poo!". Duh better be careful in writing paid entries next time... that if there is still next time...

rackmount monitor

I saw the latest of computer monitors just moments ago and I am amazed at how technology upgrades so fast. Now, computer buyers can now purchase a Rackmount monitor as shown in I browsed all the models and I think all of them are just so pretty. Who knows I might own one someday? If you want to see it, just try visiting on the link above.

I Got My Inet Connection

Yes! Yes! Yes! I got my internet connection at home now. I am very happy knowing that I can get online whenever I feel like getting in the computer any moment now. With full privacy at home, nothing can be more comfortable than using the public computers.

Fortunately, the guy who worked at our neighbor's internet the other day heard my wishes. I asked help from him and voila! Today, he installed my internet. While our neighbor waited for a month to have her internet connected, mine only took almost 2 weeks.. Still too long to waith though because we already have our landline 2 years ago. Ah basta I am just happy to be using my own lappy once again while in PI.

P.S Photos will be uploaded later. Dili jud ko matulog ani ba!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Eating To My Stomach's Content

Yayyyyyyy this is nice. I can't believe I can eat anything I long to eat here in PI. I cannot only dream of the superb foods that I like but eat it to my stomach's content. What a privilege to be in my home country once again.

At this point I hunger for banana cue and I will surely buy it when I finish this entry. Yummy, I can't wait to jam a big piece of banana in my mouth! Whoaaaaaaa call me laog but I know you understand me for it's been a long time since I have not eaten our own filipino foods and kakanin.

auto parts franchises

Despite of the downfall of the economy, people are still using or driving their cars, spending money for auto parts and for the repair or maintenance so to keep it running. In America, having a car or two is a must or else you can't go to work or do your thing outside the house. With these being said, buying for auto parts franchises will probably not gonna be out of business because people will never stop driving. I think it's a good business to put up in the near future.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Like A Celebrity

For the first time I brought my baby to Opon Public market the following day we arrived here and guess what? She had all the people's eyes turned into her. I am a little concerned though that they will pinch her cheeks that ruin her sensitive skin.

On that day we went to the market, we did buy some grocery stuff and the cashiers kept asking me if I am already done shopping so she can have me checked out at her register because she wants to look at baby's face closely. And so they have waited on me or us and the male cashier said "ARI LANG UNYA NAS 7 HA" so we went ahead and voila! She was surrounded by lots and lots of people in that particular store.

shoulder pain pump

Pain pumps are often experienced or felt by patients who are undergoing arthroscopic shoulder surgery to assist in their recovery. These are just recently discovered that shoulder pain pump may deliver too much medicine that destroys useful cartilage that leads to a painful condition called Postarthroscopic Glenohumeral Chondrolysis.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Bed Is Calling Me

Today is my laziest day of the month so far... maybe because it's my first day of my period. I don't normally feel this way. I don't know why I'm feeling very lazy, slouching like an old woman, eyes heavy, the bed is calling me to sleep today. I don't wanna go to bed either although it's almost nap time for me.

I still have 4 more opps to do plus chats with my friends that is so hard to stop. It's just so freaking boringggggggggg day for me. My mind isn't cooperating well. Brain drain ika nga... duh lemme end this rant now before I bore you to death reading this nonsense.

best fat burner

I am not struggling with my weight anymore. I can say with pride that I like my body built now after having a baby. From 107 down to 99 pounds and my baby hasn't turned one year yet. Kudos to myself for seriously dropping weight from the last couple of weeks. If not because of hard work and perseverance, I may not have achieved the desired weight I have now. Well, either to stick to my diet or use a best fat burner, my only goal is to lose the fats that accumulated from my pregnancy.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Quite A Busy Day Today Huh

Just as we had our good internet connection back, my online tasks came to my hands nonstop. I got quite a few opps to do today with 200 words each. The one from the new site that pays five bucks requires 300 words, ako nalang daginot gani kay pulong pa nila pamugasay which is true. I won't deny it. Money is what I need these days and who don't?

I still have two blogs left to drop EC cards, a sink full of dirty dishes and messy floor, Deden's toys are all over the floor right now and it's like it got hit by a tornado. That is fine though. I am pretty sure my husband will be very OK with it because there are two small creatures living in this shanty house.

Patiently Waiting On Me

I just had my shower and it feels good to freshen up after such a boring cold day. While at the shower I didn't feel any worry towards my baby eventhough there is no one who look after her while I was in the bathroom.
I just let her loose so she can play with the dog. The dog on the other hand is just a good company of my baby because she keep Deden entertained by playing together Chichai's damaged stuff toy. From start to finish of my shower my baby was just playing around near the bathroom gate, waiting on me at the same playing with dog Chichai.
When I got out fresh, my baby was so happy and followed me here in the computer room. That is my baby, always so good. She is just amazing because she doesn't whine nor give me hard time.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My Baby's Milestone @ 11 Months

The pictures say it all. This is what my baby loves to do now. When I go to the kitchen she would follow me there and go to the cabinets and played with what she can find inside. I felt guilty of what I did last night because I closed one of the cabinets that she opened because there are chemicals in there when I pushed it hard not knowing that she stick her little pointer inside.

I didn't know it until she cried so loud. She must be so hurt for she doesn't cry if there's no reason. Good thing though it didn't bleed.

consumer network

As I did my search for possible networking site to join this morning, I actually happen to find this very meaningful consumer network wherein people can get connected to other members that shares the same stuff as you do. Like for example, when you upload baby toys, you will then be connected to 144 members that uploaded toys of their kids too. This I think is very cool because I can get to know other parents out there that might share the same interest as me.

A new consumer network site is born. You people should check it out. I just created my account there and showing my stuff there so people can see it and it will be exposed to them. The name of the network is Acobay. It is a new and unique social network site.

Not long from now it will become one of the most popular websites people will be browsing in the near future. I can tell that for certain. I myself is new to this but I can't believe how I love the new website even if I just registered myself there. I encourage everyone to visit it yourself so you will know what I am talking here. I guarantee you will love it there. Show what you got. Show your stuff!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

At 4:47 AM, I'm Still Awake

.... the question to the title is, why? The answer is simple; because.... just because... my mind refuse to sleep but my eyes are as heavy as metal. Why? Too excited... why? I'm not telling.... ask my close friends the reason why...

I tried to sleep last night at 1:00 o'clock. Seconds, minutes, an hour, hours had passed and I still couldn't forget the real world. Tossing and turning a hundred times still no effect. I feel like I'm high in some kind of addiction, ecstacy!

I swear, I tried to sleep.. I am so tired and I want to rest... I couldn't.. I just couldn't.. thanks to my computer and the internet connection for it accompany me. 4:51 in the morning but I am not going to bed until 5 a.m to make sure that I can sleep, wearing myself out hoping I can sleep. We'll see in my next post tomorrow eh!


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