Thursday, January 29, 2009

I Got My Inet Connection

Yes! Yes! Yes! I got my internet connection at home now. I am very happy knowing that I can get online whenever I feel like getting in the computer any moment now. With full privacy at home, nothing can be more comfortable than using the public computers.

Fortunately, the guy who worked at our neighbor's internet the other day heard my wishes. I asked help from him and voila! Today, he installed my internet. While our neighbor waited for a month to have her internet connected, mine only took almost 2 weeks.. Still too long to waith though because we already have our landline 2 years ago. Ah basta I am just happy to be using my own lappy once again while in PI.

P.S Photos will be uploaded later. Dili jud ko matulog ani ba!

1 comment:

""rare*jonRez"" said...

that's good anne! i have been waiting for ur updates, esp. photos! hehe...

wala diay ka ang smartbro anne? well, congrats for that e-connection at home! basta, ang photos sa kiat, laag, foodies, ug uban pa ha? hahaha!


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