Tuesday, January 6, 2009

consumer network

As I did my search for possible networking site to join this morning, I actually happen to find this very meaningful consumer network wherein people can get connected to other members that shares the same stuff as you do. Like for example, when you upload baby toys, you will then be connected to 144 members that uploaded toys of their kids too. This I think is very cool because I can get to know other parents out there that might share the same interest as me.

A new consumer network site is born. You people should check it out. I just created my account there and showing my stuff there so people can see it and it will be exposed to them. The name of the network is Acobay. It is a new and unique social network site.

Not long from now it will become one of the most popular websites people will be browsing in the near future. I can tell that for certain. I myself is new to this but I can't believe how I love the new website even if I just registered myself there. I encourage everyone to visit it yourself so you will know what I am talking here. I guarantee you will love it there. Show what you got. Show your stuff!

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