Saturday, January 31, 2009

Tired and Sleepy

I am very tired at this moment. I spent five hours of walking at SM mall today with my brother, baby and lil sister. I didn't plan of going there today but since Maggie, my ka berk in friendster texted me if I am going to laag in SM, I said yes to her with no hesitation because I am in need of computer table too.

It's just like two birds in one shot amo tuyo didto today. First is to meet Maggie from Arizona who is also in Opon right now and secondly is to buy a computer table so I will be comfortable using my laptop here in our small home.

Our laag was a success one. I bought what I needed to buy, I met my friend and all four of us really enjoyed the long walk we did at the mall. Laag ko maayo kay wa nis ilang Texas jud!

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