Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sharing A Pad

Chichai, our dog is not too harsh to Jadyn as you may think she is. She is a good playmate to the baby although sometimes she tends to be rough with her.

She does scratch her yes but that is only when Chichai gets too excited that she is unaware she already caused harm to the baby.

As you can see in the photo, they are looking so sweet in this shot, in fact she shares her pad with Jadyn all the time because she recognize her as the only playmate and probably thinks Jadyn is her SISTER.

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Never in my life I have tried gambling nor I know how to do it. I never has the courage to try learn it because most of the people that I know playing this kind of game get hooked to it and every night they tend to go to casino places and put their money at risk of losing it all.

However though, if it's only for fun while at home and bored, I am willing to atleast know the basics of poker or casino of any sorts. If you are into online gaming so much and needing for a complete Gambling Resources, do visit www.bestusaonlinecasinos.org and there you can find popular gambling destinations on the web.

I came across to a friendster member's profile and I found out that she loves to gamble alot. Wish she can read this post of mine so she can get to visit the Gambling Resources and make the most out of her gambling addiction. I really want her to try playing casino or poker or whatever it is that she loves doing on the internet. That way she doesn't have to go somewhere else, drive in a cold night only to win big bucks at the casino.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Missing My Computer So Bad

It's almost two weeks now and I still don't have my computer. I doubt if we can get it today since Geek Squad have just started working on it. Although there is no major problem in the hardware but still it can take them another day or two before they can have it ready.

I am missing my laptop so bad that it makes me feel hangol of the internet when husband is home. I feel like I am crippled not having it for so long. My computer is like a part of me, once taken away, I am also missing a piece of my body that I can't function really well. Also I don't feel comfortable using my husband's computer especially my baby is screwing around the CPU( turning it off suddenly while I'm in the middle of doing important tasks), grabbing the mouse, typing the keyboard etc... geeezzz samokan ayo Deden.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Beautiful Blue Bonnets

Beautiful blue bonnets can now be seen along the highways going South. I am lucky enough to have our pictures taken with these beautiful flowers today because before I used to just admire its beauty and never had a chance to touch it myself.
Springtime is blue bonnets season. They are famous during this time of the year in Texas and believe me, you will admire at how these wild flowers just grow in beds without someone taking care of them.

San Diego Hotel

I always thought of seeing the beautiful places of California again. I don't know when is that going to happen but it's in my mind and I am hoping to go visit San Diego one day. I have a friend there and she's inviting me to come visit here but that would take a while because you know, money is the problem. We just got back from a long vacation from PI and I am broke hehe.

Anyways, before I forget talking about San Diego, if you are going over there pretty soon and is looking for a place to stay, try looking for a San Diego hotel on the internet. I recommend to look at The Porto Vista Hotel and Suites, and Ascend Collection hotel, is ideally located in the historic Little Italy area of downtown, offering beautiful views of San Diego Harbor and the Port of San Diego.

The Family

We just got home from visiting my father-inlaw in San Antonio, Tx. Miracle for me not to feel tired at all so I'm here in the computer updating my blog for it's been two days since I haven't got a chance to get online.

Anyways, our visit to my FIL's place went smooth. He is moved to AFV 2. The place was indeed very nice and more country than the village 1 but I don't think he likes it there better than the latter. No friends that he knows of, no pool tables, no gf and worse, he lives with other Alzheimer's disease patients while in fact he is not that bad compared to them and that what he complains about the new place.

....a fine dinner with him and my family at the Alsatian restaurant. Baby looks great, everybody loving their food.

..... grandpa is happy to see his new grand daughter once again after three months of not seeing Jadyn.

computer memory

Wished I knew so much about computers so we don't need to bring my laptop at the Geek Squad in Bestbuy. For sure I am going to be billed a high price by just looking what is problem with my computer. It's ok though as long as some minor differences will be fixed. After that, I may have to upgrade my computer memory for it to be like new. Buy.com is my favorite online store to shop when it comes to computers so we will see then if I can make my plan soon.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Story Behind The First Photo

The photo above was captured by my husband in the Philippines. This is a photo of a baby model of Mimiflo products. It was my friend who first noticed the picture, she said it looks like my Jadyn. At first glance you can say yes that's my Jadyn. So I brought my husband to Gaisano Mactan and showed him this photo and he too couldn't believe that the baby model has some of Jadyn's features in her face.

... yeah the proof that she is that baby in the first pic... endorsing mimiflo products..

......... then here comes my Jadyn. Photos I took this morning after she had a bath..
... look at the eyes, the expression of her face and compared to that of the first pic..
....... big beautiful eyes although a little bit skinny...

....... my Jadyn was a lot cuter before she lost some weight...

Any reactions will be much appreciated. Tell me what you think to that first picture and my Jadyn. Do you agree they look alike?

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Getting More Teeth

Oh this is the only photo of my Deden showing some of her teeth. For now this is all I can share in my blog dili pa kaayo klaro noon iya ngipon. She got 4 teeth in the upper part and 3 in the lower part. Some parts of her gum is kinda swelling and surely there are more that's gonna come out soon.
It really is difficult when the baby is teething because she gets fussy, getting fever and most of all never let's me sleep at night. Ah, I can't have another baby kay tagam naku.

nice retreat

If you want to get that suite with a nice panoramic view while on vacation, try staying at one of the suites that Outer Banks is offering by Carolina Designs realty. Rest assured you get that view you ever wished for in your vacation. Someday, when we have enough money, I may want to try it there. Haha wishful thinking, I don't know when is that going to happen though.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

3 Weeks Early

Winter season is not over yet but how come little buds of leaves and or flowers are already out? I can see trees around here already having their small leaves and plants already bearing flowers?

Hello! I am yet to see some snow for this year for God's sake, let them shower soon please!! Spring is nice but I still want to feel the coldness that winter brings. Well, today it's a little bit cold which I like because I missed this kind of weather too. Current temperature here in North Texas is 37 degrees F and rain keep pourin' that adds up to brrrrrrrrrr tugnaw temperatura!

safety equipment at www.criticaltool.com

Whenever I see people working along the streets or in the construction/job sites, the very first thing I see is the sign saying that wearing of safety equipment at all times is a must to keep the workers from falling objects or any danger from their job's premises. I think it is just right to obey the signs for it is for your own good.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Bored and Tired

I don't understand or I can't even describe how I feel right now. I am bored and tired. I want to sleep now since it's already 11:42 here in our place and yet my back refuses to be laid down the bed. On the internet too, no one seems sensible to talk to. I do have tons of friends' list in my ym but nobody have the courage to talk to me or entertain me.
Why am I like this? Feeling lonely and asking myself why I am here in a strange lonely world? I missed the Philippines now. The freedom to go everywhere, anytime I want I can just go ug mag pao pao bisan asa. Geeezz I hate the fact that I am back in prison again.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Mountain Of Dirty Clothes

I got so many things to do around here. One of which is to wash a mountain of dirty clothes we have. Some of these we wore while we were still in the Philippines. I also got 2 luggage of clothes to be put back in the closet but for now I still have no enough strength to do all that.

I am feeling a little better now however, my body is still adjusting to the new time, US time. During day time, as if I want to do nothing but sleep..sleep..sleep. If only I don't need to get up and feed our stomach, I wouldn't do that but sleep to my content.


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