Friday, March 27, 2009

Missing My Computer So Bad

It's almost two weeks now and I still don't have my computer. I doubt if we can get it today since Geek Squad have just started working on it. Although there is no major problem in the hardware but still it can take them another day or two before they can have it ready.

I am missing my laptop so bad that it makes me feel hangol of the internet when husband is home. I feel like I am crippled not having it for so long. My computer is like a part of me, once taken away, I am also missing a piece of my body that I can't function really well. Also I don't feel comfortable using my husband's computer especially my baby is screwing around the CPU( turning it off suddenly while I'm in the middle of doing important tasks), grabbing the mouse, typing the keyboard etc... geeezzz samokan ayo Deden.

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