Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Family

We just got home from visiting my father-inlaw in San Antonio, Tx. Miracle for me not to feel tired at all so I'm here in the computer updating my blog for it's been two days since I haven't got a chance to get online.

Anyways, our visit to my FIL's place went smooth. He is moved to AFV 2. The place was indeed very nice and more country than the village 1 but I don't think he likes it there better than the latter. No friends that he knows of, no pool tables, no gf and worse, he lives with other Alzheimer's disease patients while in fact he is not that bad compared to them and that what he complains about the new place.

....a fine dinner with him and my family at the Alsatian restaurant. Baby looks great, everybody loving their food.

..... grandpa is happy to see his new grand daughter once again after three months of not seeing Jadyn.

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