Friday, July 30, 2010

Craving for Embutido

I so want to eat embutido right at this hour. I can only hope that I have some ingredients if not all available in the refrigerator. It doesn't have to be special though, all I want is to taste this dish once again for it has been a while since I've eaten it. Panlasang Pinoy website has all the list of Filipino foods and one of which is the embutido which I am so thankful because the picture itself looks very tasty. I can't wait to make some for me.

Picture courtesy by Panlasang Pinoy

Kids Love It

Every kid loves to have friends around and when they are together, they do some sports that could entertain them like basketball, riding in a scooter, or doing the skateboards. I have seen them around this area here and I can only see the joy on their faces when they get to do that. They use their skateboards as a source of happiness especially during weekends. They love to do it along the streets, at the parking lots or anywhere else as long as they have a space to use it.

Hair Schools

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A Fine Morning

I got up and the smell of cooked bacon and fried eggs greeted me. I went to the kitchen right away and there it was, sitting on the stove top waiting on me. It was my husband's cooking this morning. What a wonderful thing to have perfect to pair it with my hot chocolate milk drink, the bagel what makes the breakfast awesome. I am supposed to cook for my husband since it's day off but it goes the other way around this time hehe. Spoiled wife. He may not know it but I so appreciate his simple gesture he did for his family.

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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Military Salute

I witnessed the dramatic Military salute myself during my FIL's funeral two weeks ago. Just like in the movie, once a US serviceman/military died, he will be given a military salute honoring his service to his beloved country. And the person who received the flag is no other than his first born, my husband. Forever I will keep these photos for it is through them that we can remember our dear father who once was with us and touched many lives by spreading the positive aspects of his personality.

Where Singles Mingle

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A Very Nice House

This is a house I saw in Benicia during our trip there two weeks ago. This is what caught my eyes because of its exterior color and the two big palm trees in front of it.

I love the style of the house as well as the painting. It looks like a house on a cake that is finely designed by a cake decorator. Trust me, when I see something beautiful, it truly is beautiful in person, only the picture is kind of dead for some reason my camera didn't flash when I took it.

The Best And Most Reliable

Days, months and years have passed and I still haven't done anything to my blogs that would put my mind at ease. Sometimes when I have trouble accessing to my account or my blogs' pages I can't help but be worried because as you all know, I am making a living out of my blogs. I would be so devastated if one day I lose all my blogs because they are so important to me not just for paid blogging but for personal purposes as well. They have been so helpful with me throughout the years for this is where I pour out all my emotion, homesickness and most important events happened in my life. They served as my outlet, through them I am able to write what is bugging in my mind and in my heart.

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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

New Windows

When the big blessing is here, we are hoping to replace all our ancient windows of this house to help us save energy. The ones we have are the old fashion ones that were installed decades ago. Looking at window replacement San Antonio there is a possibility we can do it late this year or early next year. Crossing fingers with because I too, are tired of looking at these old windows we have.

What Would You Do?

What would you do if this happened to you? Being in a helicopter/plane sitting directly behind the pilot and all of the sudden, he passed out? What would you do if you are the only who is conscious and you see the helicopter or plane is descending too fast? If you were to ask me, I would just calmly close my eyes and rest my safety to the Lord!

Watch this freakin' hilarious video embedded here, what makes it funny is the guy behind the pilot kinda panicking while waking up the pilot! Enjoy!

Stay Hydrated This Summer

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Are you guys feeling the heat of summer? How do you stay hydrated all the time when you are out in public places? As for me, summer is just awful and how I wish it would end very soon. I don't worry too much of the heat since I do stay inside the house all day long but in spite of that, I keep drinking water as much as I can.
According to the weather forecast, our temperatures will reach up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit on Friday and Saturday and to make it worse, Sunday will be 101.

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Once In A Blue Moon

I don't know what got into me this morning. I suddenly decided to do a general cleaning of our refrigerator, total cleaning meaning inside and out! I am all exhausted now. It's been quite sometime that I haven't done any thorough cleaning of this poor fridge of ours. I turned it off, took out all the food as well as the shelves to ensure proper cleaning including all the hard to reach corners of the refrigerator.

As there are too many stuff inside, harden spill of food and juices, it took me a while to finish the cleaning. I think I worked just the cleaning and washing alone perhaps half an hour plus I got to put it all inside back again when I was done. Huh, what I just did was wonderful. We have a clean refrigerator now that is pleasant to look at when we open it.

As usual though, anything that comes in contact with my hands gets broken, one of the bulbs inside is screwed, it went off after I tried to remove the harden food in it that leaves a foul smell of burned bulb. Tiruok kos ako bana ani unya!

Capital Of The State

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Video Production

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Monday, July 26, 2010

Life-Sized Doll

We dropped by Kid to Kid store in Bryant Irvin road after I had my biometrics taken hoping to buy Jadyn some winter coats but I guess it is too early for that because the store had no Winter outfits on display. I was a bit disappointed thinking that we drove there for nothing although the road was on the way home yet, it feels like we are wasting our gas going there.

Those were just my thinking for the first couple of minutes of being in the store but then when I roamed around looking at stuff (not even planning of buying anything apart from coats), I saw this used life-sized, blond hair, blue eyes doll with pretty dress and shoes on. Without hesitations, I grabbed it right away and brought it to where Jadyn was.

I like the doll when I first laid my eyes on it and for sure Jadyn will love it too which I am correct for as soon as she saw it, she took it from me and started playing with it. Thank goodness, we got a good deal in this one for it is sold for only 8.99. she likes Susie a lot...
...... I am giving my baby girl the toys I didn't have when I was growing up, one of which is a doll as pretty as the one in the picture.

Manufactured Homes

On our way to Quebec Street for my biometrics today I think I saw the finest and prettiest manufactured home today along the road. If you would see it, you couldn't tell it is one of those Manufactured homes you commonly see when you travel away from the city because it was like a two-story house that has wood paneling in the walls, beautifully designed like a country style house and the paint color is excellent but then when I looked at the bottom part of the house, I saw it was raised higher with posts in the bottom that makes it look like a mobo home.

Well, I know it was such a pretty house but it would cost someone some money to buy the house for it was a different style like what you usually see. I have seen a lot of them especially if we go down South. In San Antonio for instance, there are several Manufactured homes for sale by different companies there. Mostly they have New manufactured homes for sale either double or triple wide mobo homes as others call it.

If only they don't have legs to hold them up high, you cannot tell what they are for they look like really nice houses but only you can see them in the countryside. City code has certain rules as to what type of house and the size maybe that is allowed to be built within the city limit. No wonder I can only find manufactured homes far from here.

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For The Longest Time

Since our baby came to us two years and 6 months ago, our life and daily routine drastically changed. Not a negative change but something that makes me appreciate how nice is the feeling to have a family like mine. With a baby so good, a husband so responsible nothing I could ask for more.

Before we had a baby, apparently there just the two of us. Part of our daily routine is to play a video game together during night time just before we start the movie. There was this game that we were so hooked into and guess what? It was so nice that we finished playing the entire thing until the last chapter. Speaking about the game, I kind of missed playing it again but of course this time it will be a different game. A game that is a fantasy set in medieval land maybe like, Algadon? Oh yeah, this sounds like it can bring a lot of fun to our nights. If you are interested in finding out what this game is all about, just visit their official website at If you're on my space you can also view them HERE

Friday, July 23, 2010

Dancing Mascott, Jollibee

I am sorry for my latest entries are all about cute dancing figures. I am into cute videos right now as you can see, Jollibee is dancing in this video up here. My baby girl giggled when she saw this video that she didn't wanna stop playing it. Watch it guys and have fun. Let your kids see it too, for sure they will love it as much as I do.

Resting Place

I feel honored to have visited my father inlaw's hometown. We went there for his funeral. Now that he's in his resting place together with his family, we sort of feel the closure of his death. He passed away last June 21 and we just recently buried him at his hometown in Benicia, California. I took some photos of where he is laid to rest for I know I'm not gonna see the place again.

......out of 13 people buried there, I only know four of them including my FIL's spot, the rest of it is yet to be known if my husband can tell me who they are...
.........yep it's where the Sanborns are laid to rest...exclusively for their family only...

Helping My Cousins

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Part of the excitement of my trip to the Philippines this year is to help my cousins find their lifetime mate, they prefer Americans so I am here more than willing to help them succeed in finding the man of their dreams. Even though I felt betrayed of what had happened to the relative I helped getting into online chats, I would still be happy to help my other cousins because that what makes me happy.

Just recently my mother told me that a certain cousin of mine named Ninin needs my help because she too, wants to find an American man to marry. Well, that is not a problem since I know what to do with her. I can teach her the basics on how to create an e-amil address, yahoo messenger id, register to dating websites like and so that she can post a photo of herself and start dating online towards her journey to finding her lifetime partner.

These two new adult dating services just recently launched that offer two different levels of paid membership upgrades consisting of silver and gold status. These dating services also offer cool features to boot.

I believe with determination, courage, patience and sincerity, marrying a white man is possible. I want to teach my cousins those virtues so they too will become successful and happy in their love life. Wait until I can go back home. Soon baby, soon!

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So Cute

Admittedly, I find this video very cute and I can't help sharing it on my facebook wall and in my blog. How I wish my baby girl can dance like this boy here but wait a minute, if you watch it closely, you will notice some blurred part in his belly. Could it be that it is computer-enhanced video? Who knows? All I know is that I had so much fun watching this again and again.

So Quiet

The world is so quiet right here. Both my baby and the husband are sleeping for an afternoon nap. I just woke up and here I am tapping my computer again after an hour of break. It seems like computer has become my most favorite gadget these days. I have no idea how I can live without it. So unfortunate of the this thing.

The reason why I am on the computer now is to do someone a favor, he asked me if I can search for online casinos for us players so that he can try it. He just got back from Las Vegas and here he is asking to find the best online roulette on the internet so that he can just play play casino game on the computer, comfortable in his own chair without leaving his home.

Look how addicted this man to casino games is. I doubt if he even sleep when he is off duty. I guess he will be out the whole off time looking for someplace to play casino. Poor guy! I don't know if I can ever get hooked to this kind of game although I am willing to learn how to do the basics, of course I need someone to teach me how.

Colorful Flowers

It's apparent in these photos here that I love love love flowers. It makes me smile when I see beautiful and colorful flowers. I took these ones here when we visited Benicia (here I am again talking about Benicia hmmmmm). I thought they were unique and they are of different sizes. These are the kind that I don't see here in Texas and keeping a photo of them is a good idea.

...the first two photos is of my baby with the flowers during our walk in the downtown.
...the one below is of me with all these large purple flowers planted around the hotel's premises...they are everywhere in California I noticed that...

.....two big bushes of bougainvilleas and the flowers are sooooo tiny that make it look they aren't bougainvilleas...we have these flowers here in Texas but I don't think I've seen this kind of breed here...

Blu-ray Movies

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Thankful Morning

What a great day to be so thankful for the Lord! I had such a wonderful moment with my family this morning, husband and baby are doing well that it feels good to know I have them in this ordinary yet glorious life. Although the weather is no difference from the past weeks, still I am thankful for being alive, healthy, have peace of mind and most all happy. Ah today is just one of those days that I so treasure.

How about you guys? How's your day so far?

Divorce Lawyer

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Thursday, July 22, 2010


An unwanted visitor just visited my blogs. I know it for her traces are clearly left in my live feedjit. I don't know why and what she came here for. Does she even know her presence in my blogs is not appreciated at all? Too bad for her for I gain traffic from her but I on the other hand, never take the time peeking at her blogs for the longest time. I just want to be true to myself, why would I waste my time for someone I don't even like since the beginning? Never will be I am interested knowing how she lives her life for I have my own business to take care of here at home and on the world wide web. If she came here to make gossips based on my blogs' posting then it is up to her then, if that is how she spend her spare time then it is maybe good to her system. I don't care what other people say about me for I am not asking food from them nor do I die if they make bad comments about me.

Same Online

As we headed back to Oakland last Tuesday, I noticed that there are more entertainment centers along the road as we get closer to the airport. One of them is the casino area where local tourists can go play and have fun. I wonder if going there to play casino will be the same as playing in USA online casino? Who knows, only them can tell. I have never tried going to a casino but I know I will someday. Anyway, USA online casino is the website for USA players are welcome. There are tons of casino sites and games to choose from and it is a user-friendly.

Sweet and Soft Treat

This is our little girl in the pictures below having so much licking her sweet and soft treat she got from her daddy for being so good after a long day of flying in an airplane and a long walk in the downtown Benicia. It is good to complement the baby's good behavior so she will stay that way until she grows old. She has no idea how she pleases both her parents for just being so amazing.

...... the ice cream that cost us 4 dollars...too much for the pocket but I guess we all deserve it...

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Sticky Rice

Lately I have been craving so much of Filipino delicacies. These are things that I want to eat a lot when I am in my home country. Yes, I can make my own sweet or glutinous rice in a sticky rice cooker but I doubt that I can top the best and delicious sticky rice that my grandmother cook. It could be because the coconut milk she is using is freshly grated while the one I use here in the states is already processed in can. Using a fresh one can make a big difference to the taste of the food.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Jet Lag

I thought I could just regain my lost energy from last night's long travel from CA as I slept good throughout the night but when I woke up this morning, I still feel dizzy. I guess my body haven't recovered from jet lag from flying. I haven't done anything today except feeding myself and the baby. I spent most of my time sitting on my computer because I feel like all of my energy was being sucked out of me.

Hopefully tomorrow I will be back to normal so I can clean the house and get the stuff out of the luggage. Good thing I have a husband who doesn't mind about me not doing anything around the house. It's just that I can't force myself to get up and move if I am too tired and lazy.

First Alert

It is always advisable for elderly people to get immediate help in times of emergency. That is why a First Alert should be installed in their house so whenever there are emergencies, they could just ask for help in just a push of a button. As we all know, seniors need to live their life independently too but we can only put our minds at ease if they have the proper equipment handy in times of unfortunate falls.

Houses For Sale

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A Beautiful Poem

Rainbow Paintbox
Helen H. Moore

I can see a rainbow,
see it in the sky, see it when the rain has gone away.
All the colors of the rainbow in the sky so high,
I can name them all for you today:

Red there is, a rosy red, a red so bright and bonny,
and orange as a tiger lily leaf, so bold and tawny,

yellow as the blazing sun, that gives us all our light,
and green as grass beneath our feet,
blue as the sky so bright.

There's indigo, as dark as night,
and violet like flowers.

These are the colors nature paints the sky
with after showers.

I will not forget this picture of the rainbow that I personally took in Denver, Colorado- International Airport. It was kind of bumpy before we could land in the runway because of the stormy weather in that place... as we sat and waited for our connecting flight to DFW, the storm had passed and the rainbow appeared.

Expensive Cars

I don't know anything about cars except that I know which ones are expensive and not. Audi Cars are a little bit pricey and have sleek styles. I wish I can drive one someday even if it's used, I don't mind having it. I just have to wear out the current one I have. It is ten years old yet still looking good for it is a very well kept car from the previous owner and my husband. Right now, we don't need a new one. Yes, our cars are old but they are in good running condition plus we don't have monthly obligation for our cars that is why we are happy we have them.

Home In Texas

You know when you are home in Texas when you feel that hot and muggy temperature when you step out of the airport. We arrived in DFW Airport at 11:20 last night. Even though it was almost midnight, the temperature was at it's peak of 91 degrees. I asked my husband why did we leave California? Too bad though our home isn't there. Texas is where we belong. It's not that I don't like Texas but I can't help but admire California weather.

I find it odd for people in Oakland to be wearing jackets in mid summer. Hello, July is supposed to be very hot but as I said, you won't believe how cool it is over there unless you see the place yourself.

Home Decor

I have been to a few antique stores around here. Since the first time I went to the store, I fell in love with rustic furniture they had. I thought it would be cool to have one in our home. The thing I love most is their lonestar logo rustic decor best displayed in the front part of the house. There are also other things such as the rustic bench and animal figures that I really love but I wasn't able to buy them because at that time we were stuck at the small rental house in El Campo. Now that we have moved in to a bigger place, I might ask my husband to bring me to a rustic store so I can buy me those good stuff they have on sale.

Store Fixtures

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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Traveling To Benecia

When my husband said that we are going to Benicia, I didn't know what to expect. I am desperate to be away from our house for a while and going to California sounds like a good idea to me although I was not familiar of the small city called Benicia, it somehow gave me a little excitement to come here and see the place. I imagined the place to be boring, all brown, deserted and there is nothing to see but plain houses and roads. To my surprise the place was the complete opposite of what I thought it would be. If you have been visiting my blog, you should see the previous photos I posted here. It's just so beautiful. I hope you can forgive me for I cannot stop talking of how I admire Benicia so much.

....... this is my girl on the airplane reading her book...
...above is when we arrived at Oakland Airport, while waiting on her daddy she had taken the time to push the carry on luggage
......... wandering around the airport of Denver, Colorado..plenty of things to see there
.....and here's myself and my baby on the escalator taking a quick pose..

Auction Site For Shoe Lovers

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I am one shoe addict myself. I have 33 pairs in my closet and I feel like buying more! Yes, for some 33 pairs aren't that many but for someone like me who used to wear just a pair of shoes for couple of years, I feel spoiled having those. The reason why I want to have several pairs is that I want something to go with my outfit when I go out. Shoes that have trendy styles, perfect fit, comfort and cool colors are what captivate me when I go to a shoe section at a department store.

I was astonished when I opened my computer this morning and somebody was talking about If The Shoe Doesn't Fit website. I was like, what are you talking about? She then replied that is a website for shoe lovers where they can Sell, swap or shop for shoes. And yes, I visited the website myself right away and guess what? I am loving it there! Believe me, anyone who is into shoes too will make this The auction site for shoe lovers their favorite as there are just many cool shoes to look at. It is good for men, women and kids especially.

Kids grow fast and more often than not, they leave their barely used shoes behind and buy a new pair for them as they the old ones no longer fit. This website is such a good place to buy other kids' outgrown shoes to save bucks.

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Beautiful Benicia

Here are solid proof why I fell in love Benicia. Can't you tell how beautiful the place is just by looking at the photos? Don't blame me if I can't stop talking about how I love to be here. If I could stay here forever, I would but it is so costly to live here. I bet people would only come to visit their vacation house every weekend and they'll go to their other house during normal days so they can work.

Unless of course a person is filthy rich, he or she can live here with the family. I am in disbelief upon seeing the beautiful scenery when we went to walk beyond downtown. The palm trees along the road, the beautiful mountains, the ocean and the temperature are enough reasons why I find this place a paradise.
....... this is the fisherman's pier where you can bring the whole family with you and fish...
...the road we walked to get to the wharf
..and here's me and my baby taking a quick pose with palm trees in the's just soooooooooooo beautifullllllll out here...

Feels Like Fall

I hate the idea of us leaving California today. It's just that I fell inlove with the place and the weather the moment I stepped out the airport the other day. We did quite a strolling around downtown Benicia and oh gush, it's so awesome out here! I can talk about how nice the weather is endlessly! It is only fair during the day which is like Fall in Texas and after sundown, it's a little bit chilly and cool that requires you to wear a thin jacket.

I told my husband that I want to live out here forever or if not, I want a place that gives me some snow during winter so I can do sports in the snow and allows me to wear Spyder jackets and experience wearing those thermo suits. And in Spring and Summer, I want it to be just so good in the skin.

I hate Texas Summer to be honest but what can I do? We live there, it's our home and must accept that there are also other things I should be thankful in Texas.

Forklift Guide

Forklifts are best used in commercial businesses, at the wharf or in the airport to carry heavy loads. My husband used to drive a forklift a lot when he was younger. He said he did a lot of reversing doing the thing and he remembers those days when most of his days spent loading and loading stuff using a forklift. He was in this job for quite sometime and I believe he knows forklifts very much. If you, however, are planning of buying one to make your business going, try referring to this guide I found, just click on buying a forklift truck guide here and you should get the information you need to know before buying one for you.

Meeting The Relatives

We will be flying back home to Texas today yeheyyy but I don't feel like I am reading going home yet. I still enjoy being here in California because of the nice views and the weather. Back home it will be scorching hot and I am not looking forward to it yet.

Funeral is over and I guess people coming from afar are starting to get on the road so they can be home at sundown. If not because of my FIL's funeral, I would have met my husbands relatives in California. Although funeral isn't a wonderful time to meet them but I am glad they are here and I met them. They are nice people especially Lisa, the blond woman who is very nice to me and Jadyn, Vivian, my husband's cousin that made me feel I belong to their clan. She was the one who talked to me about the people in the family from the past generation.

... above photo is of me, my baby, Lisa and a relative I forgot her name...
....... of course it's me and my husband.. he received a flag for his father was once a US Air Force Veteran...
... this one right here is at the Arneson's house after the funeral...we had lunch there and got to mingle with the rest of the was awesome.

Spy Cameras

Burglars can attack anywhere at anytime of the day. My husband knows that for he deals with them all the time. That is why some business establishments get a mini spy cameras and put them all around the premises in order to see who's lurking in their place especially when they are closed. Spy cameras are not only helpful in different business institutions but it would also be cool if we have one in our home. Are you looking for one? Just check out the link provided above and may you find security at your own home with spy cameras.

indoor purifier

Allergens are everywhere. Even inside your own house, there could be allergens also that could potentially be harmful to the little ones who have asthma. Therefore, an air purifier is needed as well as maintaining a clean and dust-free environment is crucial. If you are looking to buy for an indoor purifier, please refer to this guide I found on the internet on how to use an indoor air purifier so you will know the proper way how to start or begin using your purifier.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Finally Laid To Rest

We are here in Benicia, California right now to attend the very important funeral of our lives, my father inlaw's funeral. Finally, he was laid to rest in Benicia Cemetery today together with his family. May you rest in peace Pops and always know that your memories are treasured. We will miss you and you will always be part of us.

In the chapel, each attendee was given a chance to speak of their fondest memories with Morgan Sanborn. There were few who took part of the ceremony and I was teary-eyed of what they said. The man was such a good person based on their testimony. I felt honored being his daughter inlaw.

Here are few photos that I took at the funeral, I thought you guys would like to see them so here they go....I am going to post more photos at the funeral later folks... I need to eat real bad starving here...
...above is the altar showing his ashes and US Air Force Uniform

above photos are some of the closest friends he had...real nice people and below is of us, that's my little girl right there on the left, my husband and yours truly, Lisa-Morgan's step daughter, and to the right is David--the third son, Susan his friend, Charlie and the woman in black dress in between the two ladies wearing blue is Vivian-- my husband's cousin..

While The Kids Are Away

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Ashworth College. All opinions are 100% mine.

We were at the funeral today and Jadyn, our baby girl received a lot of compliments from people who attended the event. They were telling me how cute she is and most of all they told me how well-behaved and good our baby was throughout the ceremony until we went to relax in our own hotel room. That's what she is. A well-behaved baby and seldom whining for nothing. She is just good whenever we want her to be good.

Anyway, we plan of having another baby soon. For sure this will be exciting. But I told myself that the second one is perhaps going to be the opposite of Jadyn's behavior. That is fine though. If that is how human beings were molded then I accept it wholeheartedly. After having two kids, it will be enough and either me or the husband will undergo surgery to stop us from bearing a child.

Motherhood is fulfilling and is the toughest job in the world. I am loving it. However, I came to think of it that I am not going to be like this forever. When kids grow up and able to take care of themselves, for sure I will be alone too and left with nothing to do. So what I am thinking is getting an Online degree to start a career. I can only do this when the two kids start going to school. Getting a degree is something that I wished for a long time. It is good to know that there are online schools offer some courses in which I can choose to study and hopefully get a career out of it and be happy.

If you are reading this and thinking of getting a degree and a mom, try Ashworth College. They offer flexible and self-paced so you can study whenever and wherever you like -- ideal for stay at home moms and working adults. Offers zero-interest financing plus a low monthly payment plan. Research shows Ashworth tuition is 50% less than the average accredited online school. Tuition includes all books and course materials. Monthly payments can run as low as a couple of large pizzas and many more.

Visit my sponsor: While the kids are away

Saturday, July 17, 2010


I haven't slept good for three days now. My mind has been so stressed lately, always finding things to worry that affected my sleep at night big time! It would be okay with me if I don't get enough sleep at night as long as I can take a nap during the day but the case is, I find it hard to forget the world for a while and just go to dreamland. Tsk tsk tsk, there's just too many things linger in my mind right now.

Anyway, I plan of going to bed earlier than my bed time (I doubt if this is possible) as we have an early flight to catch on first thing in the morning. Before that, I need to get serious in packing our stuff to make sure we bring everything we need for our travel. I also need to do my nails too, I plan of painting them black to match with the black dress I'm gonna wear at the funeral. How am I gonna do all these? I need to cook for the family, take care of Jadyn (shower and feeding), clean the kitchen, finish packing, doing the nails, showering...etc plus oh doing the computer. Guess I will be a superwoman for today huh!

For now, I need to finish this entry, get my bottom up here and get started in the kitchen because my pet worms inside my intestines are asking for food. See you all later guys and you all have a great weekend.

Dangerous Eye Trends

This wonderful article I am about to read is very helpful for parents to read if they have teen daughters for they might go with Lady Gaga's trend as seen in her latest music video "Bad Romance". It's not bad to get contact lenses as long as you have permission from doctors. Visit Stahl Eye Center for lenses' information as well.

Pro Painters

We have done such a great job doing the wall paintings ourselves in all 3 rooms and 2 bathrooms. I am happy with the result because we worked so hard to make the house comfortable and to think that painting is not an easy job at all. Apart from that, we still have 3/4 part of the house needs to be painted. When we decide to start painting again, I would wish that my husband would just hire the professional painters like the Austin Painters for a thorough and neat job. It's not that I am not contented of our work but I doubt if we can do it well before the new baby arrives. Hopefully, when we receive our blessing from the will, I would like to open up this suggestion to my husband and see what he's going to say about hiring somebody who can paint the rest of the house.

Print Discounts

I am contemplating whether I should by my own photo printer or not since I do print photos online in bulk. I got tons of photos need to be printed as well as few greeting cards and they should be done before I could fly to my home country. If there is anyone out there who can give me an advice or kind suggestion if I should just stick the method of ordering photo prints online and use coupons like 123print specials or buy a printer for me? Using coupon codes is a great way to save a few bucks too and it always makes me happy to find one whenever I need to get prints online.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Doggy and The Stroller

I just took these photos of the dog in my baby's stroller toy minutes ago. I thought it was so cute of Jadyn for choosing the live dog to put in the small stroller rather than using her dolls. And the doggy herself loved it there for she stayed for a couple minutes. Only she walked away from the stroller when she felt left out by Jadyn. This is just toooooooo cute to look at that is why I share it here so you guys can see it too.

..... doggy so adorable ehhhhhh...perya baliw lang!

Chic Baby

chic (shk)
adj. chic·er, chic·est
1. Conforming to the current fashion; stylish: chic clothes; a chic boutique.
2. Adopting or setting current fashions and styles; sophisticated: chic, well-dressed young executives. See Synonyms at fashionable.

Baby girl knows how to be chic. She thinks she looks cool with sunglasses on and I love that so she'll get used wearing them when going out to protect her eyes from sun's damaging rays. She now even knows what sexy and beautiful dresses are. How smart for a two year old to distinguish between nice and not so nice stuff.

Kona Breast Implants

Breast implants and breast augmentation are not for everybody. Those who can very well afford to have the procedure done are lucky for they can have the biggest boobs they ever wanted in life because it cost too much to have it. There is one located in Hawaii, it's called breast implants kona. Visit the website to learn about their brand-new, nationally accredited surgical center opening soon. Dr. Schlesinger is one of only two board certified plastic surgeons that perform breast implants on the Big Island, the other, his colleague Dr. John F. Paopao.

Ortho In Austin

Who would have thought that I could have my crooked teeth get fixed by wearing braces? Never in millions years have I thought getting braces for me because I know how costly they are but thanks to my husband, he makes everything possible. I have been wearing mine for a year now. I see some changes in my teeth especially those teeth that were so bad to look at. It twisted and they don't look like fangs anymore. Once I get these braces off, rest assured I'll be more confident smiling than ever before.

If somebody reads this entry of mine and is residing in Austin, please visit Austin Orthodontists website so you too can have your teeth straightened out.

Is It Back?

For weeks I really thought I lost my PR on this blog that is why I did not log in to the paid website in which I submitted this blog for paid reviews. I saw in my PR checker button from PR (page rank) 3 went down to 0. I also noticed there were no more opportunities shown in my dashboard when PR disappeared.

I am somehow confused of google now. They took away this blog's PR and days after they gave it back to me. Well, having a PR or not on any of my blogs doesn't make any difference now. I still get the same number of opportunities in other paid blogging site without it. Unlike before the crisis hit the economy, it is so significant for a blogger to have at least a PR of 1 in her blog because of plenty of high paying opportunities coming her way. The least offer is $15. During my two years in blogging there were floods of opps ranging from 5-100 dollars per entry and 15 bucks was too small to make for someone who has PR.

Wow I missed those times when I can make at least 100 bucks per day to think that I am staying at home. Earning such amount is such a pretty good way to earn money. It was like working a regular job outside only with no boss around plus I can work anytime I want.

For Guys

For guys who is in the process of courting or is having a girlfriend, you might want to know these Sweet things to say to your girlfriend. Just click on the link and it should direct you to the webpage in which you can get ideas what are those words your girlfriend loves to hear. We girls or women, love sweet words. We love to receive nice compliments from the opposite sex and we love to hear sweet compliments especially our physical attributes is being noticed by men.

Car Shipping

So you think only small and not so heavy items can be shipped across the nation or all over the world? Think again! Cars can be shipped too. I have seen a lot of them here, they do auto transport in bulk or individually. Just like our white car. We bought it from Georgia four years ago and the owner shipped it to us after my husband won the bidding. You just have to be keen in which website or company to use for shipping your car that keeps your car from damage and over charging otherwise you will be charged more than a normal car shipment fee you can imagine.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Never Again

I was sick the whole day yesterday. I felt this throbbing pain in my head due to lack of sleep the previous night. It's all because of coffee. I am not a coffee drinker and never will be. I didn't know what came to my head when one morning I went to the kitchen and just grabbed some of my husband's coffee from the coffee maker, poured some into my cup.

My husband then told me that he makes his coffee strong and just dilute it with milk so he won't keep making coffee everyday. No wonder I got so sick because what I got was a very strong one and to think that I am not used to drinking coffee. My caffeinated system went crazy for one night and one day resulted to painful headache. Dili na jud ko mo usab pangawat kape intawn, ako ray mag antos ug magkalisod.

Halloween Costumes

I consider myself the most privileged person than anyone else. Because I got to explore two different countries, the Philippines- my home country and United States- where I am currently living. I lived in the Philippines for half of my life so I consider it to be my original home country. I have only been here in the States for over four years but I also learned to love this country and with all things American.

Being here means a lot to me. This is where my husband lives and with that I have to be here too just for him which I am thankful for. Having the opportunity to live in two different worlds, I can pretty much compare the differences of these countries. The culture and traditions, the beliefs, the lifestyle, the style of clothing and a whole lot more are way way too different.

In occasions for instance, like the Halloween. In the Philippines we celebrate it for two days. People would go visit their loved ones to the cemetery, light candles, bring gifts and flowers letting them know even though they are already dead, they are not forgotten. In some places in the Philippines, people tend to have a disco at the cemetery and others would stay overnight. On the second day, people especially in the province, they will make special native delicacies like sticky or glutinous rice and others and offer these to the altar for they believe the spirit of the dead loved ones are there eating it. Strange? But it's our tradition there.

On the other hand, here in the States, they only celebrate it every 1st of November. People are fond carving pumpkins to put in their doorsteps, decorate their yard with those spooky Halloween decorations and have some parties inside the house or at the disco house. It is then when most people look for adult halloween costume and Halloween costumes for kids in preparation for the trick-or-threat in the evening. It is when kids go knocking door to door in the neighborhood asking for sweet treats. While kids go on trick or treating adults will contain themselves by throwing in a Halloween party which of course during the day they shop for Halloween Party supplies needed for the party later in the evening.

After the fun Halloween parties which is the November 2nd, people move on and go to work like nothing happened. This is what I find strange here. I doubt if they even visit their family at the cemetery.

I hope I don't bore you with my long entry this time. I am just trying to differentiate how the two countries celebrate Halloween. Of course each has their own way to celebrate the occasion and if you were to ask me, I prefer how my own country celebrate it because I can feel the close knits of Filipinos to their loved ones even if they are no longer here with us on Earth.


I am feeling light headed right now due to lack of sleep last night. I only got less than six hours of sleep that is why I am feeling this. I hate it when I don't feel ok. I am not used to it. I have always been a healthy person you know. But despite of that, I am in the mood for writing. In fact, I just finished writing my opportunity that requires a 400-word post. But wait, I still have one left with the same number of words to write. I have no idea where I am gonna pick my words after this. As for now, I need to get this thing over with so I can go back to bed and sleep some more. Baby girl is already sleeping that only means I can rest my mind at ease since she is asleep.

English During My School Days

My husband has only got four more years to go before he can retire. I know time flies so fast and before we know it, four years is already gone. As early as now I would like to plan ahead of what I should do in the future. I can't be like this forever, you know? Granted, being a stay at home mom is very fulfilling but I want to do something different too like pursuing a career maybe.

Before anything else I would like to consider of going back to school for it has been over four years since I experienced being in a class room, studying my lessons and most of all I almost forget how it is being a student already. Back in my high school and college days, English and Science were my favorite subjects.

In college, I had to write my essay on my own. Back then, I didn't know how to even begin a sentence nor do I know to construct my paragraphs with coherence. When we were required to make research papers, we did it as a group, I had classmates who were smart so they helped me a lot.

In my present life, I asked myself. What would happen to me if I didn't have those mentors and helpful classmates around me when I needed tips and guidance for the completion of my projects? But now, I don't have to be wondering as far as I know we now just buy essay online. There are several websites specifically designed for helping students accomplish their tasks.

I must admit, English is a difficult subject especially for me because I came from a country where English is just a second language. With that said, I learned to love English. Maybe because I was driven to find myself an American man. That is why I had to encourage myself to know at least basic English so I will be able to speak and relate to the prospect white suitors.

Wait a minute, where am I going now? Why talk about the suitors here really, why? Anyway, if you happen to read this entry of mine and you seeking for help for your essay. I highly recommend you visit It is the place to buy essays and other academic papers there. It is just the right place to connect with, when you are looking for a custom essay.

Quick Fix

Sometimes I get lazy cooking food for our hungry stomach so I just grab a can of Ligo sardines and egg. Simple breakfast like this in the picture is such a joy for someone who has been away from her home country for a while and not having anyone to fix meals for her.

Jadyn loves rice and the dried fish too. She is not so fond of my sardinas I don't know why.

Lasik Doctor

For those who plan of having an eye surgery using the latest technology through iLasik, find out some information here on USAEyes. The USAEyes patient advocacy organization publishes the 50 Tough Questions For Your Lasik Doctor and conducts a national Lasik results survey to certify select Lasik surgeons.

Missing Her Show

:D Pictures, Images and Photos

Curious George has become Jadyn's favorite morning program on t.v. As soon as she wakes up every morning, I sure turn the channel on to 13 so she can watch George. The monkey has been her company ever since she learned to love animals. Today, she wasn't able to watch it because she too, woke up late. Aside from Curious George, she also loves Barney and Friends, Sesame Street and many others. Ah typical baby loves almost all kiddie shows on t.v. These are just few popular shows that I didn't know exist before because we were too poor not to have a t.v at home. Lol.

Based In Austin

I may be sound conceited but I don't know if I survive without an air conditioner inside the house to think that I came from a tropical country, the Philippines. It's just that summer in America is very hot and dry and when it gets dry I somehow find it hard to breathe. For some reason I feel suffocated if no cool air circulating all over. Well, having an air conditioner here is a necessity. That is why homeowners seek immediate help if they suspect that something is not going right with their units. If you are located in Austin and are looking for that AC repair Austin place that won't rip off your budget, try visiting the website first then find where their physical shop is so you can have your A/C back.

A/C Repair

I can pretty tell you where Round Rock is. It is down South part of Texas. And you know when we say Texas, it is always associated with hot and dry temperatures throughout summer. If you live in Round Rock and need to have your A/C unit repaired, do refer to round rock ac repair website and get immediate help to avoid further damage on the unit and for you to be well and comfortable as well. It is getting hotter these days and the only cure for it are cold beverages and a good working air conditioning inside the house.

Heavy Flow

Wow this is kinda new to me. It's my second day of my period and I notice I have a heavy flow right now compared from the past periods. I have had light periods for the past two years since I'm on birth control pills. Today is different. I don't know why this is and it worries me a bit. I hope there is nothing serious inside me since I don't feel anything different at all, not even a single pain in my abdomen. Sigh. I can't help to be worried for strange things happen to me for I am not used to having heavy periods anymore.


I am not familiar with Fosamax drug but I did my research anyway to find out what is this for. It is a drug prescribed to post-menopausal women who are at a high risk for osteoporosis and sometimes to cancer patients who have experienced minor bone loss due to cancer treatments. It is known to be the most popular drug prescribed for osteoporosis in the U.S. and is prescribed on average over 22 million times per year. It is marketed by Merck and Co. which is now facing Fosamax Lawsuit due to the link between Fosamax and osteonecrosis of the jaw according to the Wall Street Journal.

Learning Spanish

Spain as seen on t.v is such a great country to tour around. We have this channel here that shows different countries in Europe every afternoon. Spain is one of them. They showed interesting historical places and nice architectures in Spain that wowed me. No wonder it is one of the tourist destinations in Europe. But of course when you go there, you will have to know at least the basic Spanish otherwise you will end up not getting the information you want to know if you want to ask the locals. If you are interested in learning Spanish, click on Study Spanish Spain and good luck.

Monday, July 12, 2010

My Passion

People Are Drawn To Your Passion

You are intense about every thing you do, and this intensity inspires people around you.

It's clear that you care deeply about the others. You make everyone feel like they're your best friend.

You are always doing great and interesting things. You leap into action.

And while you're busy, you take time to connect and re-connect with others. You are very thoughtful.

The above blogthing says all about me. Those who have known me for years or those that are close to me, they know how I am as a person and as a friend. I sympathize for their dramas and what they're going through. For me, listening to what my heart is saying is the most important thing to me. I love reconnecting with good old friends and relatives. It gives me excitement to be able to know how they have been doing since we've lost contact and of course the most special part of it is to make up the lost times...
I can be a true friend too but once you provoke me, watch out for the devil side of me will come out to come and haunt you! Hahaha kidding aside.

Photos To Treasure

I love taking pictures of everything that interest me. Could it be flowers, beautiful sceneries, pretty dresses and other material things a woman wants, babies, my family, myself and a whole lot more. I got tons of them saved in my photo album on my computer. I also have different online accounts set up exclusively for printing photos when I am able to save a lot of them. I am in the process of moving photo albums to a secure portable memory and keep in our safe for keeps forever. It is important you know so that when my baby grows up, she has something to look at and share to her kids.


Pride is, depending on the interactional and cultural context, either a high sense of one's personal status (i.e., leading to judgements of personality and character) or the specific mostly positive emotion that is a product of praise or independent self-reflection. Philosophers and social psychologists have noted that pride is a complex secondary emotion which requires the development of a sense of self and the mastery of relevant conceptual distinctions (e.g., that pride is distinct from happiness and joy) through language-based interaction with others[1]. Some social psychologists identify it as linked to a signal of high social status.[2] One definition of pride in the first sense comes from St. Augustine: "the love of one's own excellence".[3] In this sense, the opposite of pride is humility.

Pride is sometimes viewed as excessive or as a vice, sometimes as proper or as a virtue. While some philosophers such as Aristotle (and George Bernard Shaw) consider pride a profound virtue, most world religions consider it a sin. FROM WIKIPEDIA.

I just can't fathom or contain myself as to why there are people choose to listen to their pride than to be humble. I for one, have a pride too but of course I know when to give it in. Yes, I have pride but I don't think it is that high or big to resent one person who is willing to come clean or come forward just to be peaceful again, heal wounds or repair broken relationships.

I may not know what other people are thinking about pride but doesn't it feels good to just lower your pride a bit, move on, not for the sake of other people but for the sake of yourself? Head shaking...


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