Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Feels Like Fall

I hate the idea of us leaving California today. It's just that I fell inlove with the place and the weather the moment I stepped out the airport the other day. We did quite a strolling around downtown Benicia and oh gush, it's so awesome out here! I can talk about how nice the weather is endlessly! It is only fair during the day which is like Fall in Texas and after sundown, it's a little bit chilly and cool that requires you to wear a thin jacket.

I told my husband that I want to live out here forever or if not, I want a place that gives me some snow during winter so I can do sports in the snow and allows me to wear Spyder jackets and experience wearing those thermo suits. And in Spring and Summer, I want it to be just so good in the skin.

I hate Texas Summer to be honest but what can I do? We live there, it's our home and must accept that there are also other things I should be thankful in Texas.

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