Thursday, July 15, 2010

Is It Back?

For weeks I really thought I lost my PR on this blog that is why I did not log in to the paid website in which I submitted this blog for paid reviews. I saw in my PR checker button from PR (page rank) 3 went down to 0. I also noticed there were no more opportunities shown in my dashboard when PR disappeared.

I am somehow confused of google now. They took away this blog's PR and days after they gave it back to me. Well, having a PR or not on any of my blogs doesn't make any difference now. I still get the same number of opportunities in other paid blogging site without it. Unlike before the crisis hit the economy, it is so significant for a blogger to have at least a PR of 1 in her blog because of plenty of high paying opportunities coming her way. The least offer is $15. During my two years in blogging there were floods of opps ranging from 5-100 dollars per entry and 15 bucks was too small to make for someone who has PR.

Wow I missed those times when I can make at least 100 bucks per day to think that I am staying at home. Earning such amount is such a pretty good way to earn money. It was like working a regular job outside only with no boss around plus I can work anytime I want.

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