Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Beautiful Poem

Rainbow Paintbox
Helen H. Moore

I can see a rainbow,
see it in the sky, see it when the rain has gone away.
All the colors of the rainbow in the sky so high,
I can name them all for you today:

Red there is, a rosy red, a red so bright and bonny,
and orange as a tiger lily leaf, so bold and tawny,

yellow as the blazing sun, that gives us all our light,
and green as grass beneath our feet,
blue as the sky so bright.

There's indigo, as dark as night,
and violet like flowers.

These are the colors nature paints the sky
with after showers.

I will not forget this picture of the rainbow that I personally took in Denver, Colorado- International Airport. It was kind of bumpy before we could land in the runway because of the stormy weather in that place... as we sat and waited for our connecting flight to DFW, the storm had passed and the rainbow appeared.

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