Monday, July 26, 2010

For The Longest Time

Since our baby came to us two years and 6 months ago, our life and daily routine drastically changed. Not a negative change but something that makes me appreciate how nice is the feeling to have a family like mine. With a baby so good, a husband so responsible nothing I could ask for more.

Before we had a baby, apparently there just the two of us. Part of our daily routine is to play a video game together during night time just before we start the movie. There was this game that we were so hooked into and guess what? It was so nice that we finished playing the entire thing until the last chapter. Speaking about the game, I kind of missed playing it again but of course this time it will be a different game. A game that is a fantasy set in medieval land maybe like, Algadon? Oh yeah, this sounds like it can bring a lot of fun to our nights. If you are interested in finding out what this game is all about, just visit their official website at If you're on my space you can also view them HERE

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