Thursday, July 22, 2010


An unwanted visitor just visited my blogs. I know it for her traces are clearly left in my live feedjit. I don't know why and what she came here for. Does she even know her presence in my blogs is not appreciated at all? Too bad for her for I gain traffic from her but I on the other hand, never take the time peeking at her blogs for the longest time. I just want to be true to myself, why would I waste my time for someone I don't even like since the beginning? Never will be I am interested knowing how she lives her life for I have my own business to take care of here at home and on the world wide web. If she came here to make gossips based on my blogs' posting then it is up to her then, if that is how she spend her spare time then it is maybe good to her system. I don't care what other people say about me for I am not asking food from them nor do I die if they make bad comments about me.

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