Friday, July 23, 2010

Helping My Cousins

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Part of the excitement of my trip to the Philippines this year is to help my cousins find their lifetime mate, they prefer Americans so I am here more than willing to help them succeed in finding the man of their dreams. Even though I felt betrayed of what had happened to the relative I helped getting into online chats, I would still be happy to help my other cousins because that what makes me happy.

Just recently my mother told me that a certain cousin of mine named Ninin needs my help because she too, wants to find an American man to marry. Well, that is not a problem since I know what to do with her. I can teach her the basics on how to create an e-amil address, yahoo messenger id, register to dating websites like and so that she can post a photo of herself and start dating online towards her journey to finding her lifetime partner.

These two new adult dating services just recently launched that offer two different levels of paid membership upgrades consisting of silver and gold status. These dating services also offer cool features to boot.

I believe with determination, courage, patience and sincerity, marrying a white man is possible. I want to teach my cousins those virtues so they too will become successful and happy in their love life. Wait until I can go back home. Soon baby, soon!

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