Friday, July 2, 2010

Need A New Set

I was told by a friend weeks ago that she wanted to change their sofa set for they are too old already, ten years older maybe. And I told her, why not change them anyway? It's your house, you have money to buy for new things so what is stopping you from doing that? Later she told then told me that if she was to be frugal, she'd like to follow what her step daughter is doing. Keeping the old stuff as long as they are not torn and are still functional. Why change it if you have something that is fully functional?

Well, I see her point to that but I believe and I hope she will change her mind once she sees these microfiber sofa, sofa sets, sectional sofas I've seen online. Most of all she will likely to change her mind if she can get a great deal on any of them. I may have to show her the page where I have seen these beautiful sofas and see what I can do.

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