Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Post July 4th Photos

These are images from 4th of July. I didn't have a chance to post them right after I took them because I got so busy around here. It was fun to go watch the spectacular fireworks display with my family and other crowds. Can you imagine, people went all through the trouble of traffic, bringing along their foldable chairs, drinks and other stuff just to celebrate the Independence Day? That only shows how people appreciate the freedom they have in this country.

The fireworks photos are posted in my other blog, if you have the energy to see it, just go to my Prose of Relevance blog.

..... above photo is a picture of Trinity River with the buildings from afar @ 8:30 in the evening
..........and here's the lovers above, baby and daddy below using the binoculars

......... and here's the crowds all settled down waiting for the fireworks..we got a pretty good view here for we were on top of the hill, the highest part of the hill over looking the river...

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