Monday, July 19, 2010

Finally Laid To Rest

We are here in Benicia, California right now to attend the very important funeral of our lives, my father inlaw's funeral. Finally, he was laid to rest in Benicia Cemetery today together with his family. May you rest in peace Pops and always know that your memories are treasured. We will miss you and you will always be part of us.

In the chapel, each attendee was given a chance to speak of their fondest memories with Morgan Sanborn. There were few who took part of the ceremony and I was teary-eyed of what they said. The man was such a good person based on their testimony. I felt honored being his daughter inlaw.

Here are few photos that I took at the funeral, I thought you guys would like to see them so here they go....I am going to post more photos at the funeral later folks... I need to eat real bad starving here...
...above is the altar showing his ashes and US Air Force Uniform

above photos are some of the closest friends he had...real nice people and below is of us, that's my little girl right there on the left, my husband and yours truly, Lisa-Morgan's step daughter, and to the right is David--the third son, Susan his friend, Charlie and the woman in black dress in between the two ladies wearing blue is Vivian-- my husband's cousin..

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