Monday, July 19, 2010

While The Kids Are Away

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We were at the funeral today and Jadyn, our baby girl received a lot of compliments from people who attended the event. They were telling me how cute she is and most of all they told me how well-behaved and good our baby was throughout the ceremony until we went to relax in our own hotel room. That's what she is. A well-behaved baby and seldom whining for nothing. She is just good whenever we want her to be good.

Anyway, we plan of having another baby soon. For sure this will be exciting. But I told myself that the second one is perhaps going to be the opposite of Jadyn's behavior. That is fine though. If that is how human beings were molded then I accept it wholeheartedly. After having two kids, it will be enough and either me or the husband will undergo surgery to stop us from bearing a child.

Motherhood is fulfilling and is the toughest job in the world. I am loving it. However, I came to think of it that I am not going to be like this forever. When kids grow up and able to take care of themselves, for sure I will be alone too and left with nothing to do. So what I am thinking is getting an Online degree to start a career. I can only do this when the two kids start going to school. Getting a degree is something that I wished for a long time. It is good to know that there are online schools offer some courses in which I can choose to study and hopefully get a career out of it and be happy.

If you are reading this and thinking of getting a degree and a mom, try Ashworth College. They offer flexible and self-paced so you can study whenever and wherever you like -- ideal for stay at home moms and working adults. Offers zero-interest financing plus a low monthly payment plan. Research shows Ashworth tuition is 50% less than the average accredited online school. Tuition includes all books and course materials. Monthly payments can run as low as a couple of large pizzas and many more.

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