Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Meeting The Relatives

We will be flying back home to Texas today yeheyyy but I don't feel like I am reading going home yet. I still enjoy being here in California because of the nice views and the weather. Back home it will be scorching hot and I am not looking forward to it yet.

Funeral is over and I guess people coming from afar are starting to get on the road so they can be home at sundown. If not because of my FIL's funeral, I would have met my husbands relatives in California. Although funeral isn't a wonderful time to meet them but I am glad they are here and I met them. They are nice people especially Lisa, the blond woman who is very nice to me and Jadyn, Vivian, my husband's cousin that made me feel I belong to their clan. She was the one who talked to me about the people in the family from the past generation.

... above photo is of me, my baby, Lisa and a relative I forgot her name...
....... of course it's me and my husband.. he received a flag for his father was once a US Air Force Veteran...
... this one right here is at the Arneson's house after the funeral...we had lunch there and got to mingle with the rest of the family...it was awesome.

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