Friday, July 23, 2010

So Quiet

The world is so quiet right here. Both my baby and the husband are sleeping for an afternoon nap. I just woke up and here I am tapping my computer again after an hour of break. It seems like computer has become my most favorite gadget these days. I have no idea how I can live without it. So unfortunate of the this thing.

The reason why I am on the computer now is to do someone a favor, he asked me if I can search for online casinos for us players so that he can try it. He just got back from Las Vegas and here he is asking to find the best online roulette on the internet so that he can just play play casino game on the computer, comfortable in his own chair without leaving his home.

Look how addicted this man to casino games is. I doubt if he even sleep when he is off duty. I guess he will be out the whole off time looking for someplace to play casino. Poor guy! I don't know if I can ever get hooked to this kind of game although I am willing to learn how to do the basics, of course I need someone to teach me how.

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