Monday, July 12, 2010

Exciting Week Ahead

I've had enough of those long boring days. This week there are couple of things to look forward to. Things like finishing off the project that my husband has assigned me to do in the front yard. He bought a couple of gardening stones yesterday and just laid them on the ground for me to make a big circle that goes around the trees to plant some flowers. That is gonna be a big project for me in beautifying our lawn within this week, it does requires so much of my strength too for the rocks alone are so heavy.

Secondly, I need to clean the house and make sure it is comfortable enough before we leave to California this weekend, do the laundy and pack our bags. Thirdly, off to California this weekend for a funeral. We plan of staying there for two nights and with that being said, I am anxious to seeing new and fresher environment for a while. It's gonna be an early flight, we shall see how it goes though with a baby in tow...I can only wish ourselves GOOD LUCK lolz.

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