Saturday, July 17, 2010


I haven't slept good for three days now. My mind has been so stressed lately, always finding things to worry that affected my sleep at night big time! It would be okay with me if I don't get enough sleep at night as long as I can take a nap during the day but the case is, I find it hard to forget the world for a while and just go to dreamland. Tsk tsk tsk, there's just too many things linger in my mind right now.

Anyway, I plan of going to bed earlier than my bed time (I doubt if this is possible) as we have an early flight to catch on first thing in the morning. Before that, I need to get serious in packing our stuff to make sure we bring everything we need for our travel. I also need to do my nails too, I plan of painting them black to match with the black dress I'm gonna wear at the funeral. How am I gonna do all these? I need to cook for the family, take care of Jadyn (shower and feeding), clean the kitchen, finish packing, doing the nails, showering...etc plus oh doing the computer. Guess I will be a superwoman for today huh!

For now, I need to finish this entry, get my bottom up here and get started in the kitchen because my pet worms inside my intestines are asking for food. See you all later guys and you all have a great weekend.

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