Thursday, December 12, 2013

Broken Ice Sheets

This is by far the coldest winter I have experienced of my over seven years here in Texas. Amazingly thick sheets of ice last for a week now and there is no sign of them thawing. Yeah, they may have thawed a little bit but they keep refreezing at night and into early dawn.

I have seen amazing videos of fallen ice from the buildings' roof and yesterday, my husband witnessed the event in his very own back porch. Photo above I just took minutes ago, proof that global warming isn't true. If it is, why all these ice around us?

Thursday, December 5, 2013

For Us Women!

You have nothing to lose if you read it, you will gain some information instead. I snagged this from Facebook and thought of sharing it here for women who come visit in this blog. Just an FYI, ladies!

56 girls died because of using whisper, stayfree, etc. One Single pad for the whole day because of the chemical used in Ultra Napkins. Which converts liquid into gel. It causes cancer in bladder & uterus. So please try to use cotton made pads and if you are using ultra pads, Please change that with in 5 hours, per day, at least. If the time is prolonged the blood becomes green & the fungus formed gets inside the uterus & body. Please don't feel shy to fwd this message to all girls and even boys so that they can share with their wives n friends, whom they care for. This is a public service message...........


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