Wednesday, December 26, 2012

We Had A White Christmas

Texas doesn't always get snow and when we do, we sure appreciate it! North Texas was blessed with a snow as we celebrated the birth of Jesus yesterday. The excitement didn't just end after opening all the presents that Santa gave to my kids but in the afternoon, snowflakes started falling and accumulated fast enough that enabled me and my girls to enjoy the snow before dark.

I love having two girls because I now have partners to be out in the snow and not afraid somebody might see me being weird playing with snow. My Jadyn spent more time than I did outside and played alone. The first time she went to the backyard and got herself busy by creating a big snowball. I watched her by the bedroom window and just amazed how this little kid could contain herself out there, alone. Reminds me of myself during my first time to experience the snow...

Photos below.

Professional Carpet Cleaning

I am not a clean freak but I make it sure the house is clean no matter how busy and exhausted I am. Keeping up with the house chores and with two toddlers around, I must admit I feel like I need help cleaning the house sometimes especially doing the carpet cleaning. We have quite a big carpeted floor, it includes three bedrooms, two small walk-in closets and two sink area, not forgetting the long hallway as well.

Our carpet is only three years old but it already shows some milk and other stains that is hard to erase. Someday when we have the budget, I would like to treat our carpet with a professional carpet cleaning to ensure thorough removal of the stains, dust and also for those hard to reach areas to be cleaned. 

Just like everybody else, I would want a carpet cleaning company that uses green products as we do have two kids like I said. As much as possible I want little to no chemicals in the house for health safety. I think I already know who to call when we are ready for our carpet to be cleaned, my choice would be! Make them yours too by visiting them on their website and call for estimate and appointment. Thank you!

The Only Present I Opened

This is the only present that was for me under the tree, the only present I opened yesterday from my manita on Facebook/Yardsale group. Thanks to her. I love it, the flavor scent is SUCH A FLIRT my second favorite scent for in a lotion or mist of Victoria's Secret. 

Receiving a present like this just makes me feel remembered although I got one major present from my husband days before Christmas but there is something with a surprised and wrapped present that made me excited to open. 

How about you guys, did you receive a lot of presents from your personal Santa yesterday? What sort of presents did you get?

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Simple Yet Easy to Put on

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of No nonsense for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.
I received my early Christmas present from No nonsense.  I got a pair of No nonsense tights and leggings last week in the mail and I was able to use the red tights just last night to attend their   school program. I love how comfortable and warm the tights are, adding the fact that they are red in color which is perfect for the season and the occasion.

My style and fashion is simple. I love putting on simple clothes and accessories with some colors in it but not exaggerating. I love wearing clothes I'm most comfortable with and are suitable in each occasion or season. During the cold winter days, a good pair of tights or leggings is perfect to be worn with a dress just like that pictured below or simply wearing them under my jeans to be a bit warmer in my legs.

What I love about No nonsense products is that they are made with high quality materials, soft and comfortable, really warm and most of all they are stylishly cheap without breaking my budget. Another thing is that they are available almost everywhere with several colors to choose from.

By the way, for your information guys, No nonsense teams up with Jill Martin as part of brand modernization and new product launch. She is assisting the company since Fall with educating women on how to wear the brand's new colorful and high-impact tights and leggings through several exciting initiatives.
That sounds exciting for us women, isn't it? For more of the latest news and products of No nonsense, you may follow No nonsense on Facebook.


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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Two Weeks Holiday Break

Thank goodness I will be able to sleep in longer for two whole weeks due to Jadyn's school break starting next week until January six next year. Hopefully,  I get the sleep and rest I need for I don't have to rush every morning trying to send my girl to school on time.

A two-week long break from class might not be enough for me but at least I am getting it. Better than not having any break at all so I guess I just be thankful and not complain. Besides, it is the time when the temperatures can get very cold and icy. The idea of me not needing to drive early morning on icy roads somehow gives me peace of mind and at ease.

Naturopathic Doctor in Scottsdale

Before I had my kids, I wasn't bothered of the idea most women were saying including my mother that giving birth is so painful. I didn't care much about it because I am in America and America offers pain-free labor and delivery. I received epidural injections and other drugs into my system to minimize the pain during contraction and actual birth of my babies. Did I like it? Yes of course but it could have been better if I tried the natural birth. Natural birth means enduring so much pain during the entire process until the baby is born without receiving any drugs. However, I wouldn't change a thing because it made it easier for me and the babies. 

 Even though we live in the modern world, there are still women and doctors who advocate natural birth and doctors offer alternative medicine. If you are looking for one or if you prefer going to a naturopathic doctor, you may find a naturopathic doctor scottsdale. Her name is Dr. Krystal Tellier. She is a Naturopathic Physician and Certified Professional Midwife offering alternative medicine to adults and children in the Phoenix area. She has received specialty training in women’s medicine, natural childbirth and pediatric medicine. 

She is a primary care physician that treats all members of the family at any age. She treats acute and chronic conditions ranging from allergies to weight loss. She incorporates clinical nutrition and lifestyle counseling for all of her patients.

Our New Friend Put-put

I bought this very cute ipod case two weeks ago and the first time my Jadyn saw it, she uttered it is very cute  and wanted to play with it. I told her no, it is not a toy and it is not for her. Because it is now part of this household, I had to come up with a name for it, and I named it "Put-put" which Jadyn call it "Puto". Hey it's not Puto, I said Put-put! Dyaga dyaga ning bataa!

I just thought it was cute in pink and most of all it looks even more cuter when my Jadyn's hands are using it. Pink for little girls is the best, don't cha think? There is one coming for my new toy and this time it's Hello Kitty and it is PINK... let's see kinsa napud di maibog sa ako Kitty.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Different Sarong Tying Devices

While sarongs are so popular all over the world, only very few people know how to wear and tie their sarong properly. I only own one and I don't use it, aside from I don't live in a tropical country anymore where the common use for sarong is observed, I also do not know how to properly tie it in my body. I did a quick research on different sarong ties and I actually found they are not hard to do. In fact, just by looking at the illustrations on, you can tie your sarong quickly with no sweat. 

Two of the easiest way to wear or use your sarong is use is as a skirt, wrap it and tie it in your waist and voila! Another one is wear it as a halter. The easiest way to tie a sarong worn as a halter dress, tie it around your body, cross the two ends over your chest, and then fasten the ends of the sarong behind your neck by tying them or using a sarong tie as your guide. 

I like my new website discovery today because it states the history of sarong and also show us some practical ways and uses of a sarong and what is a sarong's rule in the world of fashion. You folks, especially ladies gotta check out the website above.

My Girls are My World

My girls... they are equally beautiful in my eyes. They are from my own flesh and blood, therefore, I love them with all my heart.

I try to dress them the same clothing as much as I can so they feel fair and equal. I hope they appreciate that and they know mommy and daddy love them both very much. Having these girls in my life make me the proudest although at times I feel overwhelmed of having to do the chores and at the same time look after them all by myself but I guess, I wouldn't trade my life for anything. I love it exactly as it is. My girls are my world and so does my husband. They are my family and for me, they so precious that without them, I don't know where I find myself. 

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Driveway Pavers Keeping You Safe

Home owners should see to it that they are safe both in and out of the house, this includes  driveway. Texas could get very hot during the Summer months and there is nothing we can do if the ground moves underneath that create cracks on the concrete driveway. I recently visited a house that has a big crack in the driveway that actually made a homeowner fell down and fortunately she wasn't seriously hurt  along with a few people who visited at her house. 

Surely those other people that also tripped in a big crack aren't used of the damaged driveway so when they walked to that part there, they tripped or fell. I hope the home owner would be able to hire professional drive way pavers for her own safety. Not only that, by putting on interlocking paver stones can enhance the look and value of the home. 
 If interested and are planning of getting your driveway paved, please click on the link above for free consultation. Their high-quality driveway pavers not only look great, but are also designed to withstand the heavy wear and tear of cars, trucks, RVs, motor homes and many more.


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