Wednesday, December 26, 2012

We Had A White Christmas

Texas doesn't always get snow and when we do, we sure appreciate it! North Texas was blessed with a snow as we celebrated the birth of Jesus yesterday. The excitement didn't just end after opening all the presents that Santa gave to my kids but in the afternoon, snowflakes started falling and accumulated fast enough that enabled me and my girls to enjoy the snow before dark.

I love having two girls because I now have partners to be out in the snow and not afraid somebody might see me being weird playing with snow. My Jadyn spent more time than I did outside and played alone. The first time she went to the backyard and got herself busy by creating a big snowball. I watched her by the bedroom window and just amazed how this little kid could contain herself out there, alone. Reminds me of myself during my first time to experience the snow...

Photos below.

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