Saturday, December 15, 2012

Different Sarong Tying Devices

While sarongs are so popular all over the world, only very few people know how to wear and tie their sarong properly. I only own one and I don't use it, aside from I don't live in a tropical country anymore where the common use for sarong is observed, I also do not know how to properly tie it in my body. I did a quick research on different sarong ties and I actually found they are not hard to do. In fact, just by looking at the illustrations on, you can tie your sarong quickly with no sweat. 

Two of the easiest way to wear or use your sarong is use is as a skirt, wrap it and tie it in your waist and voila! Another one is wear it as a halter. The easiest way to tie a sarong worn as a halter dress, tie it around your body, cross the two ends over your chest, and then fasten the ends of the sarong behind your neck by tying them or using a sarong tie as your guide. 

I like my new website discovery today because it states the history of sarong and also show us some practical ways and uses of a sarong and what is a sarong's rule in the world of fashion. You folks, especially ladies gotta check out the website above.

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