Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Cute Baby Poses

My baby number two at six weeks old is already a poser, I believe. She is chunkier now and that said, I love to just keep clicking the camera and choose which shots have the best angle and post them on Facebook. Here's just three that I love the most. She is like a natural poser at least that is how I see it.

Bringing In The Tropics In The Backyard

My husband loves working in the backyard and in the garage despite the scorching heat of the sun during summer or freezing temperatures in winter. The harsh weather or seasons can't stop him from doing his manly chores outside. With that being said, a nice and effective shades where he can work comfortably outside would be a very good idea and a great way to at least keep himself from dangerous rays of the sun.

If I were to design or create a relaxing scene in the backyard where I can have plenty of shades, I would use commercial bamboo to bring in the tropics in our backyard. That would remind me of my home country of course where bamboos are widely used as a roof, wall, a small hut for shade and etc. Buying bamboo here in the USA should be easy and people who want to buy as wholesale tropical decor can probably get great discounts in them. Some things we can use bamboo in the backyard are as fences, mats, poles, thatch, rugs, paneling, slats and many more.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Coupons For Gadgets

I feel like my computer won't last any longer. It has been to the computer shop a few times for some minor repairs. The last time we brought it there was a year ago for a type pad replacement and a new battery. My problem now is the battery, it is not charging anymore. Although it is still powering up but it is plugged in all the time which may have caused for the battery to be damaged.

I am scared it will quit on me any time soon as I don't think we have the money for a new laptop. However though, I keep receiving Vistaprint coupon codes and Staples coupons both in my e-mail and in our mailbox. I am saving them for the future hoping that these coupons could help us save some money if the need to buy a new laptop arises. There are Best Gadgets including the latest models of laptops I keep an eye on as of this moment. Hmm I just watch them being sold online because I don't money to be able to afford to buy one of those.

Peace of Mind While Watching T.V

Having a peace of mind all the time is so valuable to me. I can best describe it as sailing in a peaceful ocean where you don't have to worry about a big storm coming your way and be scared that something unfavorable might happen to you because you are so sure of the weather that there will be no thunderstorms or typhoons coming. Having that peace of mind while sitting in your home is important while browsing for shows on Direct TV. Wouldn't it be nice to just do what you want to do inside to relax and calm your tired mind and body after a long day of hard work knowing that your home is protected by home security cowarts?

And when you leave your house every day to go to work you will be at ease because you know the house and all your valuable possessions are safe. Thanks to home security services nowadays for they truly are a big help to people who have them. If in case burglars will come and try to steal some of your things, there is a possibility they won't succeed because the alarm will send information to the authorities there is a burglary in progress in your own house. How cool!

Mellow Yellow #:18 Peace, Love & Kisses/Shoes


Today's MYM entry is "PEACE, LOVE & KISSES/SHOES" in my baby's onesie and DSW gift card. What a coincidence! These two completely different things have the same bold prints in it. This is what the world really need right now and the messages are delivered through clothing and gift cards where people can clearly see it, how awesome.
......... my baby girl Miss Megan wearing her cute onesie when she turned a month old 2 weeks ago...
......... a $5 value gift card I received from DSW from joining their Surprise Friday Frenzy one time.

Are You A Heavy Phone User?

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Straight Talk for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Good news to heavy phone users!  Straight Talk offers the "All You Need Plan" to its customers. If you are a   heavy phone user, this is for you for it has 1,000 minutes, 1,000 texts and 30 MB of web data. For just $499 a year, you can save yourself some money for you can get unlimited calls, text, picture messaging and web for just  $45 for unlimited monthly service. Imagine cutting your cell phone bill in half, what would you do with the extra money you save?

Straight Talk plans also offers so many good benefits that a user may get like the follow 411 calls included free of charge, free from activation and many others. It even has international long distance service that  you sure would be glad to use  Straight Talk phone has got everything you need. You should listen to your mom if she tells you to switch to Straight Talk for mom knows best.

I love the international long distance calling service it offers for I have to  call a friend and family  in the Philippines. And keeping in touch with them through phone calls is the only way we communicate with each other so this is indeed a good news for me. I may have to talk about this to my husband and see if he can get me a monthly service from Straight Talk aside from the current phone subscription we have.

To find out more offers about this phone, please watch the video below.

<iframe width="560" height="345" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/hVoGeA-aWLw" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

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Something In The Air

Something in the air that makes me sneeze. I went outside to water my dying plants for a few minutes and when I came back inside, I feel ticklish inside as if there is a cat tail tickling my nostrils. Must be some kind of pollen or something in the air right now. Arggss I hate it, I feel miserable, eyes starting to hurt and watery and this nose of mine are a bit ticklish and sore right now....I just want to sneeze and sneeze until this discomfort will disappear!  Hope so because I don't want to contaminate my two babies.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

TracFone And Your Kids

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of TracFone for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Using mobile or cell phones nowadays is a must. It is the most convenient way to make a call, keep in touch with your family and friends and most of all the easiest way to know where your kids current location at. With all the teenage kids in the house going to school or hanging out with friends, it is important for parents to know where they are at and what they are doing by calling them through their cell phones. Same as kids as well, they would want to know the latest news of their friends as well as share information about school and other things. 

Now what do you do in order to save you from paying high monthly cell phone bills? TracFone is the solution. It offers the least expensive way to own and use a cell phone in this country. Great nationwide coverage and excellent reception/connectivity. The only wireless service that enables you to call internationally for the same price as any other calls. In fact, you can call 60 different international destinations directly from your Tracfone at no extra cost, how amazing is that? 

I can go on and on about the great benefits of this phone that I'm sure you would be happy to know. This phone has so many features that you would not want to miss. To read more just click on the link here or find out what real TracFone customers have to say.

real TracFone customers are here to give their testimonials. Watch the video here for more features...

<iframe width="420" height="345" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/vPogROzTVuU" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

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Going To A Birthday Party

When I told my eldest daughter that she is going to see her friend Abigail today she got pretty excited. We are invited to attend one of our friends' step-son's birthday party this afternoon. This is going to be the first time I will be in a big group of crowd since I gave birth last month. I sure don't wanna miss this event and looking forward to be there because I know most of my friends are anticipating to see my newborn. I don't want to disappoint them either so I made up my mind just weeks before the party that I really should be coming and attending the said party.

Besides showing off to them my newborn, there will be plenty of Filipino foods that the hosts will prepare. You know me, I think nothing but food all the time hehe. Can you blame me? I am breastfeeding my baby and every time she suck milk from me, I get very hungry afterwards. Fooooodssssssss those are just one of the reasons I look forward to eating/seeing being there. So later again guys. You all have a nice weekend and thanks for stopping by today.

Canadian Pharmacy

What a better and convenient way to purchase canada drugs but from a canada pharmacy, right? Many are just sitting in the convenience of their own home and just refill prescriptions at home through the internet. It is widely done in Canada without going through the hassle of getting in your car, driving through the traffic instead they would just visit the canadian pharmacy website and voila! They can get their prescriptions in a few hours and pick it up. Anyway, pharmacies online usually sell better deal on drugs than in the local store so why would you bother driving somewhere and throwing some money while in fact you can do it in your computer? Besides, Canadian Pharmacy Meds is known or considered to be one of Canada’s largest and most trusted certified mail-order pharmacies providing patients worldwide only with quality brand and generic medications at savings of up to 90%.

Pacifying Her Sister

Big sister nowadays is truly a big help to mommy. When she hears the baby sister cries she would run to her crib right away and grab the pacifier as fast as she can and put it in her mouth. I am a little scared though because there is a tendency that Megan could choke using the pacifier for the big sister would push it deep to her throat. But despite of that, I can see how the big sister is trying to be nice and taking care of little sis.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Man's Bestfriend

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Hills Pet Nutrition for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Dogs are man's bestfriends as they say. People prefer to befriend and trust with their dogs rather than human because with dogs, you can trust, they will never betray you, love you back and most definitely stand by your side no matter what. Others won't mind having kids as long as they have their pets with them to take care of and to love. 

With this being said, I would like to invite pet owners especially those who have dogs to take the Healthy Mobility Challenge which will then entitled them to get a Hill's Healthy Mobility Coupon and a  chance of winning a free pet food for a year. To read about the pet nutrition, you may go or click the Hill's Pet Nutrition

Once you register, it automatically enters you in the Sweepstakes where 30 winners will receive FREE PET FOOD for a year,  $30 in coupon offers. Secondly, start feeding Science Diet and Healthy Mobility dog and  help your dog live an active life. Lastly,  share your success. Track your dog's progress for 30 days and come back to share your story with other pet owners. These are just the simple things you need to do in order to join the challenge. So what do you waiting for? Join now. Oh please don't forget to check out Hill's Pet Nutrition on Facebook. Thank you! 

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Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Good Sister She Is

I am one lucky momma for having my eldest girl to be so caring and loving to her little sister.  If she was another girl, she would be jealous of the attention I give to her little sister but that is not the case with Jadyn. She feels no jealousy at all. In fact, she address Megan as "baby Megan" every time she talks about her or even utter "baby Megan is soooooo cute!".

She even help me feed the baby or put some toys in her hands when she cries. Not only she's a good sister to Megan but also mommy's little helper. She can throw away dirty diapers, hand me things when I cannot get up 'coz I have a baby with me etc. One lucky momma here, really!

Putting Up A Business

More and more people are thinking of putting up their own business on the internet. Most of which are friends I know. While they stay at home, they are also thinking of something to do that could earn them some money. Wise idea. Even just a small business as a start at least they earn at the same time have fun too. One of my acquaintances I just met starting to sell her pretty bows for baby girls. Unfortunately, she doesn't know many women here that have baby girls so she is asking me a favor to refer her to my friends. She is new here and that is understandable. I am willing to help her too and guess since I found an Advertising Agency, maybe she can get their service in order for her business to be exposed and known to her targeted customers.

Life is tough I know, but she needs to do what it takes in order to gain profits. Eventually she will get her money back once customers start buying her products. At www.ThatAdvertisingAgency.com, they will ensure that every client they have will be happy. For them, a happy client is a busy client. They have a group of creative masterminds and analytical professionals that could greatly help any businessman help succeed.

I believe this friend of mine has great potential to succeed in her endeavor. I can see how determined she is in pursuing what she loves to do. Hoping and praying she will do well. Her success would surely bring happiness in her heart.

She Has Her Own Attitude

Megan has her own attitude that I don't remember my first born had. At one month she is kind of spoiled and demanding, she wants to be held or cuddled when she is awake. The moment she wakes up from deep slumber all she could do is cry letting me know she needs to eat, oh boy you wouldn't want to delay picking her up or she'll scare you with her pinakanlat totonlan style of cry. Okay granted, I understand that but being cradled all the time? I can't do that for I got things to do besides looking after her. As I am writing this, she is right here beside me wanting my attention. She is full, diaper is clean I believe yet she's calling out my name! Demanding little child of mine!

Unlike my Jadyn, she would just be content lying down in bed or in her bouncer and sleep eventually. She stayed quiet while mommy was doing her thing! She was an easy baby indeed.

Shoes For All

When I was growing up I didn't have nice shoes or many pairs of shoes just because my parents couldn't afford to buy me more than a pair each year. I went to school wearing the same pair of shoes for at least two years before they buy me another one. If they don't see any holes or tears on the shoes, they wouldn't bother buy me a new replacement. Sucks huh but it is true. That was my life before and I guess almost all children in my generation experienced the same except those kids that have parents with good paying jobs, I guess they had nice things for school.

Now that I can very well afford anything I want, I don't hesitate to buy myself what I want because I feel like I deserve it. When it comes to shoes, I have at least more than 30 pairs in my closet, mostly flats though and the rest of it are wedges or with heels of 2 or 3 inches. Same story as my husband, he said he didn't have many pairs of shoes when he was a kid, I doubt that for his father had a nice job surely he can afford to buy his kids nice stuff.

Anyway, my husband and I share the same philosophy, we buy shoes because we need them and for our feet to be comfortable. Shoes that can be used in different types of events like hunter boots for durability, comfort and performance. And designer shoes like dr. martens shoes best paired with woolrich arctic parka when in extreme cold temperature for comfort as well.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

She Is Now A Month Old

Baby girl number two turned one month last August 19. She now weighs ten pounds (I feel she is heavier than that nyaaahaha) for she loves eating a lot. She now looks a bit chubby, rounder and chunky cheeks which for me looks so cuteeeee. Way to go baby girl! Mommy loves you so much.

 One month has passed and I am still not getting my full 8 hours sleep. It's so tiring especially during wee hours. There are times I really need to sleep but I couldn't for she stayed awake longer than usual.

Drugs Available

She is new in Canada, I mean a college buddy of mine just flew to Canada to join her fiance. She'd only been there for a few months and doesn't know anything in the place yet. I think she mentioned to me one time she is looking for different medications to buy flomax, buy evista or buy actos. These kind of drugs are available and can be bought at the local pharmacy but then she doesn't drive yet so I told her to just buy them online instead. She is one of those individuals who are money tight and wants to save some money. So medications that are lower in cost can often be found through purchasing online at a pharmacy like CanadaDrugCenter.com. This is of course according to Consumer Reports.

Office Spaces In Chicago

I am happy for someone I personally know that she has finally decided to do what she loves doing, she got this great talent that only very few people have. She knows how to paint and design landscapes. She talked to me one time about opening a studio or an office so she can have a place of her own where she can do her work at the same time display her finished artwork. She lives by the Chicago area and gladly enough I found an advertisement about serviced offices chicago. I hope this is close to where she lives so she can go to the area personally and look at the spaces herself.

There are so many serviced office spaces chicago that she can choose. Actually there are three located in different places. One in Tree Studios 4 E. Ohio Street- an ideal place to grow a business suitable for artists, designers and architects. Another one by the Courthouse District in 101 West Grand Avenue and thirdly, one in Theatre District which has a classic view in Chicago loop. These offices is owned by The Suites Collection owns and operates several boutique serviced office or managed office suite locations in the city of Chicago. Serviced office spaces are a great way to get your business off and running while maintaining a great city address at an affordable price.

Wordless Wednesday #:23 Captured Moment

No More Losing Of Phone

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Sprint for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

A friend of mine on Facebook was screaming in her status about her phone being lost. She felt bad about it because I know her phone cost her more than any other phones you can buy.  She lost it a week ago and too bad I didn't know this Sprint Total Equipment Protection App yet when that happened. She could have used this application and find her cell phone right away.

With this application called Sprint Total Equipment Protection Subscribers, phone users are able to locate phone, sync contacts, remote wipe phone, lock phone and sound alarm. Once downloaded or bought, Sprint TEP customers can be up and running in just a few minutes at no charge at all. Those who have Blackberry, Android  and select features phones can use the application. 

Check out the application you people out there and download soon for it won't last long. You got until August 30 only to install the application. If you don't do that you will miss out this amazing application that helps you a lot in protecting your phone and information once phone is lost. 

It doesn't cost you much, for $8 a month, provides you the ability to find your misplaced phone with an audible alarm, locate your phone using a map like the one embedded below and many other cool benefits this application has to offer.

HTCEVOSHIFT_GCVS_settings menu.jpg (5 documents)

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

4 Days No Internet Connection

Our internet connection just got back last night after four days of no internet service. The past week we were having trouble with our internet, it went on and off for one week and Friday came the connection totally went off. Charter said there was an outage in our area so we have waited until they fix the problem and that they are going to call us but 12 hours have passed, there was no call. My husband then called them asking why? They replied the problem has been fixed and that there should be internet service anytime soon but that is not our case. It is actually our modem suddenly quit on us and need a new replacement.

Since it happened during the weekend, we had to wait until the first business day which was yesterday. Didn't take long for a Charter guy to fix the problem yet we've gone four days not being able to access the online world. How did we survive? We kept ourselves busy around the house but still it was a little bit boring for me since I do get on the internet a lot to do my tasks and check important accounts on different sites. Anyways, I am thankful now that we got our connection back, I hope there'll be no more problems in the future. A day with no internet is fine, but days without it? That sucks big time!

Chilren's Lockers

Kids are a mess. They do love to play and at the same time make a big mess. Some don't know how to fix their own mess so they require an adult to follow their mess and clean up the area where they played. In school or other places where kids usually hang out, having kids lockers out there is suitable so whatever stuff they may have, they can just be guided to put them neatly in childrens lockers and be organized instead of bringing the stuff along with them inside the classroom that could take some space in their chair or wherever.

At kidslockershop.com, you can choose any size, color, style, finish and material of lockers for kids used in each. You can find great sale prices on all kids' lockers, huge selection of different styles, low price protection, knowledge and help filled product pages, excellent and expert customer representative to assist you and many more. Those alone should be the reasons why you should shop kids lockers at www.kidslockershop.com. Check them out now.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Online Studies

Getting a degree nowadays is not a problem for there are a lot of Online Colleges offer different degree programs like online degree programs in healthcare for those who want to switch career or want to start a career in healthcare. Either you are a working mom, a stay-home mom, working full-time or just doesn't have the time to go to your local university. Studying online is as convenient as it should be. If a person is interested in pursuing or to further his education, www.findyoureducation.com is the best place to be looking for your desired course to study. This website has all the list of the biggest universities you can imagine to register yourself each of course has different programs to offer to their aspiring students.

You just have to visit the website yourself, take a virtual tour and if you have any questions about what course should put you to work as soon as you are finished, you may do a research on the site and you should find the answer you are seeking. You think you don't have the money to study online? Not a problem, you may apply for a free application for Federal Student Aidhttp://www.fafsa.ed.gov. Find out how you can qualify on the link provided.

Never Enough

Gosh I feel so sleepy still. I got up several times last night attending my newborn. This baby of mine is so weird, she keeps making noises that I don't remember Jadyn was making when she was her age. Sometimes I got up for nothing, I thought Megan was awake but when I go to her crib she was just actually sleeping or stretching at the same time making noise only she knew how to do it.

I wonder when can I get a full eight hours of sleep? Could it be weeks or months away, I have no idea. All I know is that no nap or sleep could be enough for me. So don't blame me if I keep complaining of being drowsy or sleepless for I work 24/7. My mood during the day depends how much sleep I get from the previous night. If I feel like I don't get at least four hours of sleep rest assured I'll be being unfriendly to people around me.

Keeping The Moisture In

People in our place were so happy when that much needed rain came the other day. Although it wasn't that much but it was good enough to bring the temperature down a little bit from a hundred degrees to 81 at least. We were glad for a day break of scorching heat for two months. Now the temperature is back up again and guess this is going to last for another two weeks.

I am so ready for Fall. I missed the outdoor, I missed walking around the neighborhood and most of all I missed looking the pretty flowers grow in my front yard. Right now, I feel awful for letting all my plants outside wilting and worse die. The potted plants in our front porch look so bad that I don't want to look at them when I go outside, all the leaves are brown and some of them are dead for they don't have mulch around them. However, the plants in my flower beds kind of survive because my husband put some from Rubberecycle in there just before Summer has started besides they are getting plenty of water when he waters the lawn every other day. Putting mulch around the base of the plants help keep the moisture in, plants don't go dry too fast and why I didn't do that to my potted plants?

Monday, August 15, 2011

Mellow Yellow #:17 At The Pediatrician's Office


Jadyn's favorite place to go to is the Pediatrician's office. There she could play their mini playground in the waiting area or look at the beautiful aquarium that has a lot of small and big fish of different colors like yellow, black, green and silver. The place used to be her dreaded place when she was younger because it is where she was being poked with needles every visit. Now the place seemed to become enjoyable to visit as she is able to play with other kids too.


If there is one great thing an American to help his or her country is to buy anything that is made in America like this electronic cigarettes called Blu. Upgrade your smoking stuff by purchasing electronic cigarettes made by Johnson Creek Smoke Juice with different flavors proudly American made. It is the perfect chemistry, looks, feels and tastes like the real thing. Try it out and you will know.But a Blu starter kit for only $69.995. Kit includes;
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5-pack of flavor cartridges in the flavor and strength of your choice

The company offers free shipping, 30 day money back guarantee and most of all gives customers one year warranty. To find out more flavors or any information you would like to know, I recommend you should visit the website by simply clicking on the link above.

Cheap Supplements

When it comes to buying for vitamins or supplements, buying it in bulk or wholesale supplements can save you money. It is better than buying in small quantities but you will only have to do this if you know you will be taking a lot of it for longer period of time otherwise it will be gone into waste if you don't.

Click on the links here and you will find cheap supplements and start saving today. It is easy to get discount supplements. By simply registering yourself that will only take you 3 minutes at the most to fill out the form. Secondly, shop in their easy-to-use online store and lastly, begin saving immediately on your favorite supplements. With just $20 fee a month, you can save a lot big time guaranteed. You know you are in the right place for purchasing your supplements when you click on any of these links provided here.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

She's Growing Big So Fast

Baby girl number two now weighs 8 pounds and ten ounces. She grows fast and so big.. I should not wonder, she has good appetite drinking milk whether it be formula or breast milk.

I chose to use both formula and breast milk so it would be easier for me to wean her when the right time comes. Besides, my milk won't last long in her tummy. An hour is the longest she can sleep...after that she'd wake up and wanting to be fed again. Whereas  with formula, she can go for 2 or 3 hours of sleep not being bothered by hunger. 

She Is In The U.S

A friend of mine, a high school classmate and a neighbor has finally made it to the U.S.A. After such a painstaking months of waiting for her visa to join her fiance' she made it through and honestly, I am very happy for her. I wish her the best of luck in everything especially in adjusting her new culture, new life and most of all her marriage ahead.

I am waiting for her to open up about her wedding and see if she will ask me of my help of where she can buy affordable but presentable wedding invitations to give out to her fiance's family and friends. If she will have an entourage, that is so cool too for I can help her find cheap bridesmaid dresses on the internet. This way they can just order online. I hope that everything goes well with them in preparation for their wedding. She is in the other state so I cannot help her physically.

Gold Investment

Stock market is having a rough time these days. I often heard on the news investors keep losing money in the stock market but despite of that, now is the time to invest some gold. For gold prices never lose its value. If there is something good that you can invest, gold is the thing. If you check on the internet, you will see good results of how much each ounce or gold bar cost. Besides, gold prices is set and designed to provide a recognized rate that is used as a benchmark for the majority of gold products current gold prices and derivatives throughout the world's markets.

Are you aware that price of gold topping $1,700 an ounce? Imagine that how much you can get of your gold spot if you choose to invest your gold instead of just keeping them in your safe. Those with gold coins and jewelry are flocking to shops to sell gold pieces as well.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wordless Wednesday #:21 Got Milk???

...... my newborn's hand holding her bottle...

Future Steel Buildings

I know what my husband needs when all the projects are done inside the house. A bigger workshop made of metal is very important for him to have built in the backyard as his workshop and for storing stuff safe and also function as a carport.

We have looked at Future Steel Buildings on the internet or even at the state fair but nothing seems big enough to accommodate his two cars. We will just keep looking though hoping that we can find what we need. He wants something that is strong enough to withstand Texas harsh weather, resist hail damage and strong winds, comfortable enough to work during hot summer and cold winter days. I am positive we can find that very thing elsewhere and if we do, I know what is going to happen next. The husband will surely buy one and have it delivered and built in the backyard so he can begin working comfortably outside.

But then I came across Future steel buildings, there I found larger buildings which could be perfect of what the husband is wanting to buy. There are many great advantages of steel buildings. First is that it is easy to build. Once a certain part of a building has been established, it can be moved around with ease. Most recommended by contractors due to the benefits and advantages that they bring to their owners. Thirdly, it is one of the toughest industrial metals that is also easy to process. It is also widely available and highly flexible, thereby producing the steel beams, columns or frames is very easy.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

My Horoscope For Today

You will be the centre of attention today. You have opportunities to make friends, unexpected social encounters that boost your self-esteem and connect you in lasting ways to other people. You may hear some good news about a deal or legal agreement.

This sound promising. The last sentence of the horoscope is what I love most for we've been waiting for this legal agreement to be settled and done accordingly. Once this happen, we can both get our house projects started! As to being the center of attention today, I am not sure about that. I have no plans of going out for socializing or mingling with other people today for we don't have nowhere else to go.

Baby Girl Would Love It

My eldest daughter at age three has a bit of knowledge on how to operate or use a computer. She started using it when she was two. She started browsing on Starfall website to learn her alphabet letters and when she graduated her alphabets, she moved on to youtube and that is where she would watch her cartoons. After youtube, she would want me to open her games that is downloaded in her computer. At first I kept opening windows for her games but I taught her how to do it and eventually she did it herself which is good.

Just recently I introduced her to Plants VS Zombies. I guess she loved that game right away for she played with it for at least 30 minutes. I am looking forward to introducing her more free games that can be found on gamehouse.com so she will have other things to do besides watching movies on t.v.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Color Mandala

First of all, what Mandala word means? Mandala is Sanskrit for 'circle' or 'center'. Mandalas are found throughout history, from ancient religions to the work of Carl Jung. The mandala can be seen as a symbol for unity, from the cosmos to a single life form. Now, reveal the creative and colorful side of you by doing the color and print mandalas online.

Friday, August 5, 2011


The husband is being outnumbered in this house. There are at least three women here plus a female dog totaling to four versus him the only male. People say that I should have another baby next time for a possible baby boy but no I made up my mind, two is enough for me. Besides, we are not longing to have a baby boy...girls are fine as he said. If he has a boy he wouldn't know how to handle a boy so we are good.

Anyhow, here's a picture of us taken at the Pediatrician's office today...just sharing the faces of the women in this house! You all have a blessed weekend.

Removal Companies

Thanks to these Removal Companies always there to help people move their stuff from one place to another. I understand that moving to a new house locally can be hard but with the help of professional Removals
things will be a bit easier. Although it can be a burden in your budget but for sure there are removal companies out there that won't rip you off, right?

I can handle moving locally, doing the job ourselves, lifting and carrying stuff that I can carry is alright so long as I have support from my husband. I don't mind doing those things which I did over a year ago when we moved in this house. However, moving to a different country, I don't know how is that like. Glad to know though that most removal companies also do international removal. If you are looking for International Movers, please visit these links here and you should be able to get help with your moving.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

She's A Good Shopper

At first I was hesitant going out for grocery shopping with our newborn in tow because what if she'll be crying in the store? It would be embarrassing for us for we didn't experience having a cry baby while doing the shopping or while out in public with our first baby. Jadyn have always been an easy baby since she was born so taking her out even at a crowded and noisy restaurant wasn't a problem at all.

Now that the second Princess is here, I was thinking if she'd behave the same as her big sister. I've only had her for over two weeks and have been out for only a few times, about two times doing grocery shopping and so far she is quiet and would just sleep the whole time we are doing our errands until we are done. I hope that she won't change and she'll continue to behave until she is old enough to appreciate that going out is fun. If that is the case, I would never leave her at home because the fear of her throwing a fit or crying out loud in public is not something I should be worried about.

Cute Children's Clothing

When I go to the department store the very first section or department I go to is the children's clothing department. Why? Because I have two girls and I am always fascinated with cute pink stuff for my babies. Before I had a baby, I always thought of myself alone that changed when first baby girl came out. It doesn't matter anymore whether I shop for myself or not as long as I can have something for my girls.

Since I don't drive yet, I do most of my shopping online. Whether it be baby clothes or toys. I love browsing through each store and see what they have for my girls. Of course I always prefer buying items on clearance to save me some bucks. As I kept browsing through online stores, I discovered a website for children and guess what? Tons of designer clothing for children that are on sale like these two name brands 3 Pommes and Claesens. They really have cute and stylish clothing for toddler baby boys and girls as well as infants but I am looking at baby girl's section right now and guess what I found? Some of the clothing I found cute are photos below.
... Claesen's embroidery rompery used to be 24 now on clearance for only 7.20. Great deal...
.....3 Pommes denim romper original price was 56 now on sale for 16.80 dollars...

...............3 Pommes Fuchsia sweat set... cute, isn't it?

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Life Of A Mother

I feel like my stomach is empty as soon as I am finished breastfeeding my baby. While I have plenty of stuff need to be cooked in the refrigerator I find it hard making my own meals sometimes. I have to juggle between taking care of the two children and spending time in the kitchen just to make my meal so when I am hungry I can have something to eat. Sigh! Life of a mother in America. It's very difficult when you have no help around... you do what you have to do. I even find myself doing multitasking .... like this morning, I was eating at the same time feeding my Jadyn while the baby was busy sucking milk from me. I know I am going to be more busy when the infant starts to crawl or gets too mobile. I hope she will be an easy baby and not too hyper active or too aggressive to try to do things that could potentially harm herself otherwise I may have to turn my full attention to her just to keep her safe and away from harm. Cross fingers with that!

Dream Paradise

It is everybody's dream to be able to visit and see themselves the beauty of Hawaii. Those that have been there for business, pleasure or vacation they are lucky enough to have seen the place. I, for one is wishing to visit Hawaii someday. If there is somebody will invite me over I would love to do that. I had a friend who used to live there and she wanted me to come visit her but I refused. Back then, I was too busy minding my own life here in Texas. The opportunity comes only once and I kind of regretted for not making it to Hawaii because they are no longer living there. They moved to mainland USA and I doubt if I can ever see the place myself or perhaps someday it will come true.

Do you know anyone who is looking forward to relocating or retiring in Hawaii? Please give them this website of Hawaii real estate so they can browse for properties listed on the internet. Thank you!

My Dark-Eyed Baby

Every time I post new pictures of my baby number two on Facebook, comments and like are flooding in my wall. I guess they just love my baby eh? They say she got nice set of eyes (darker than her sister) and of course the prominent nose which she got from her hmmmm... uncle or grandfather!

Others even say she looks a lot prettier than her big sister, while that can be true, I see both of my children are equally as pretty as me (haha)! Yes, they do have different looks but they are my kids and honestly, they are more beautiful than any other kids I see around! Of course I love my own and I love my children very much. They are my treasure!

Switch To Net10 Unlimited

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Wordless Wednesday #:20 Cry Newborn... Cry!

She Has Arthritis

Two of my grandmothers on both sides of my parents are still alive. At age 80 plus, they are still working... one has a farm and the other grandmother I have works as a health worker in a small isolated town in the Philippines. This grandmother of mine who is a health worker has her own health problem too but that doesn't hinder her from going to work. She has arthritis in her knees and she is suffering with it for years. I wish for her to find doctors who treat arthritis in her town. I feel pity for her but what can I do? She is poor and cannot afford to see a doctor.

If only she was here with me, I could have helped her by getting her one of the best bay st. louis arthritis doctors. Perhaps that could relieve her pain especially during night time before going to bed. All she could do is lather with home made anti pain oil that she concocted herself. Seeing a specialist would be a good idea so she can receive the right treatment for her illness.


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