Tuesday, August 23, 2011

4 Days No Internet Connection

Our internet connection just got back last night after four days of no internet service. The past week we were having trouble with our internet, it went on and off for one week and Friday came the connection totally went off. Charter said there was an outage in our area so we have waited until they fix the problem and that they are going to call us but 12 hours have passed, there was no call. My husband then called them asking why? They replied the problem has been fixed and that there should be internet service anytime soon but that is not our case. It is actually our modem suddenly quit on us and need a new replacement.

Since it happened during the weekend, we had to wait until the first business day which was yesterday. Didn't take long for a Charter guy to fix the problem yet we've gone four days not being able to access the online world. How did we survive? We kept ourselves busy around the house but still it was a little bit boring for me since I do get on the internet a lot to do my tasks and check important accounts on different sites. Anyways, I am thankful now that we got our connection back, I hope there'll be no more problems in the future. A day with no internet is fine, but days without it? That sucks big time!

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