Thursday, August 4, 2011

Cute Children's Clothing

When I go to the department store the very first section or department I go to is the children's clothing department. Why? Because I have two girls and I am always fascinated with cute pink stuff for my babies. Before I had a baby, I always thought of myself alone that changed when first baby girl came out. It doesn't matter anymore whether I shop for myself or not as long as I can have something for my girls.

Since I don't drive yet, I do most of my shopping online. Whether it be baby clothes or toys. I love browsing through each store and see what they have for my girls. Of course I always prefer buying items on clearance to save me some bucks. As I kept browsing through online stores, I discovered a website for children and guess what? Tons of designer clothing for children that are on sale like these two name brands 3 Pommes and Claesens. They really have cute and stylish clothing for toddler baby boys and girls as well as infants but I am looking at baby girl's section right now and guess what I found? Some of the clothing I found cute are photos below.
... Claesen's embroidery rompery used to be 24 now on clearance for only 7.20. Great deal...
.....3 Pommes denim romper original price was 56 now on sale for 16.80 dollars...

...............3 Pommes Fuchsia sweat set... cute, isn't it?

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