Thursday, August 4, 2011

She's A Good Shopper

At first I was hesitant going out for grocery shopping with our newborn in tow because what if she'll be crying in the store? It would be embarrassing for us for we didn't experience having a cry baby while doing the shopping or while out in public with our first baby. Jadyn have always been an easy baby since she was born so taking her out even at a crowded and noisy restaurant wasn't a problem at all.

Now that the second Princess is here, I was thinking if she'd behave the same as her big sister. I've only had her for over two weeks and have been out for only a few times, about two times doing grocery shopping and so far she is quiet and would just sleep the whole time we are doing our errands until we are done. I hope that she won't change and she'll continue to behave until she is old enough to appreciate that going out is fun. If that is the case, I would never leave her at home because the fear of her throwing a fit or crying out loud in public is not something I should be worried about.

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