Sunday, August 28, 2011

Going To A Birthday Party

When I told my eldest daughter that she is going to see her friend Abigail today she got pretty excited. We are invited to attend one of our friends' step-son's birthday party this afternoon. This is going to be the first time I will be in a big group of crowd since I gave birth last month. I sure don't wanna miss this event and looking forward to be there because I know most of my friends are anticipating to see my newborn. I don't want to disappoint them either so I made up my mind just weeks before the party that I really should be coming and attending the said party.

Besides showing off to them my newborn, there will be plenty of Filipino foods that the hosts will prepare. You know me, I think nothing but food all the time hehe. Can you blame me? I am breastfeeding my baby and every time she suck milk from me, I get very hungry afterwards. Fooooodssssssss those are just one of the reasons I look forward to eating/seeing being there. So later again guys. You all have a nice weekend and thanks for stopping by today.

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