Monday, August 29, 2011

Coupons For Gadgets

I feel like my computer won't last any longer. It has been to the computer shop a few times for some minor repairs. The last time we brought it there was a year ago for a type pad replacement and a new battery. My problem now is the battery, it is not charging anymore. Although it is still powering up but it is plugged in all the time which may have caused for the battery to be damaged.

I am scared it will quit on me any time soon as I don't think we have the money for a new laptop. However though, I keep receiving Vistaprint coupon codes and Staples coupons both in my e-mail and in our mailbox. I am saving them for the future hoping that these coupons could help us save some money if the need to buy a new laptop arises. There are Best Gadgets including the latest models of laptops I keep an eye on as of this moment. Hmm I just watch them being sold online because I don't money to be able to afford to buy one of those.

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