Thursday, August 25, 2011

She Has Her Own Attitude

Megan has her own attitude that I don't remember my first born had. At one month she is kind of spoiled and demanding, she wants to be held or cuddled when she is awake. The moment she wakes up from deep slumber all she could do is cry letting me know she needs to eat, oh boy you wouldn't want to delay picking her up or she'll scare you with her pinakanlat totonlan style of cry. Okay granted, I understand that but being cradled all the time? I can't do that for I got things to do besides looking after her. As I am writing this, she is right here beside me wanting my attention. She is full, diaper is clean I believe yet she's calling out my name! Demanding little child of mine!

Unlike my Jadyn, she would just be content lying down in bed or in her bouncer and sleep eventually. She stayed quiet while mommy was doing her thing! She was an easy baby indeed.

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