Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Keeping The Moisture In

People in our place were so happy when that much needed rain came the other day. Although it wasn't that much but it was good enough to bring the temperature down a little bit from a hundred degrees to 81 at least. We were glad for a day break of scorching heat for two months. Now the temperature is back up again and guess this is going to last for another two weeks.

I am so ready for Fall. I missed the outdoor, I missed walking around the neighborhood and most of all I missed looking the pretty flowers grow in my front yard. Right now, I feel awful for letting all my plants outside wilting and worse die. The potted plants in our front porch look so bad that I don't want to look at them when I go outside, all the leaves are brown and some of them are dead for they don't have mulch around them. However, the plants in my flower beds kind of survive because my husband put some from Rubberecycle in there just before Summer has started besides they are getting plenty of water when he waters the lawn every other day. Putting mulch around the base of the plants help keep the moisture in, plants don't go dry too fast and why I didn't do that to my potted plants?

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