Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Life Of A Mother

I feel like my stomach is empty as soon as I am finished breastfeeding my baby. While I have plenty of stuff need to be cooked in the refrigerator I find it hard making my own meals sometimes. I have to juggle between taking care of the two children and spending time in the kitchen just to make my meal so when I am hungry I can have something to eat. Sigh! Life of a mother in America. It's very difficult when you have no help around... you do what you have to do. I even find myself doing multitasking .... like this morning, I was eating at the same time feeding my Jadyn while the baby was busy sucking milk from me. I know I am going to be more busy when the infant starts to crawl or gets too mobile. I hope she will be an easy baby and not too hyper active or too aggressive to try to do things that could potentially harm herself otherwise I may have to turn my full attention to her just to keep her safe and away from harm. Cross fingers with that!

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