Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Bringing In The Tropics In The Backyard

My husband loves working in the backyard and in the garage despite the scorching heat of the sun during summer or freezing temperatures in winter. The harsh weather or seasons can't stop him from doing his manly chores outside. With that being said, a nice and effective shades where he can work comfortably outside would be a very good idea and a great way to at least keep himself from dangerous rays of the sun.

If I were to design or create a relaxing scene in the backyard where I can have plenty of shades, I would use commercial bamboo to bring in the tropics in our backyard. That would remind me of my home country of course where bamboos are widely used as a roof, wall, a small hut for shade and etc. Buying bamboo here in the USA should be easy and people who want to buy as wholesale tropical decor can probably get great discounts in them. Some things we can use bamboo in the backyard are as fences, mats, poles, thatch, rugs, paneling, slats and many more.

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