Thursday, August 25, 2011

Shoes For All

When I was growing up I didn't have nice shoes or many pairs of shoes just because my parents couldn't afford to buy me more than a pair each year. I went to school wearing the same pair of shoes for at least two years before they buy me another one. If they don't see any holes or tears on the shoes, they wouldn't bother buy me a new replacement. Sucks huh but it is true. That was my life before and I guess almost all children in my generation experienced the same except those kids that have parents with good paying jobs, I guess they had nice things for school.

Now that I can very well afford anything I want, I don't hesitate to buy myself what I want because I feel like I deserve it. When it comes to shoes, I have at least more than 30 pairs in my closet, mostly flats though and the rest of it are wedges or with heels of 2 or 3 inches. Same story as my husband, he said he didn't have many pairs of shoes when he was a kid, I doubt that for his father had a nice job surely he can afford to buy his kids nice stuff.

Anyway, my husband and I share the same philosophy, we buy shoes because we need them and for our feet to be comfortable. Shoes that can be used in different types of events like hunter boots for durability, comfort and performance. And designer shoes like dr. martens shoes best paired with woolrich arctic parka when in extreme cold temperature for comfort as well.

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