Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Soft Grainy Sepia Effect

I love the outcome of these trial shots from the new camera my husband bought for my birthday. Soft grainy sepia  is one of the effects I like using for it gives the old vintage look of the pictures I take. Who would've thought they came out like this? 

They were like taken in the early 1900s as if the girl in the pictures was my granny in her childhood but no, she is actually my baby girl who is three years old! Would love to explore and study more of this new camera of ours in order to fully enjoy it.

We Should Be Prepared

Getting a life insurance is such a good idea for the fact that we will never know when is our last time going to be here on Earth. When that happens, we should be ready not just spiritually but financially as well. We don't want to leave our loved ones such burden to take care of funeral and other stuff, do we? So for us to be prepared and make sure they have something to use when we are gone, it is just right to start seeking for free life insurance quotes or term life insurance quotes if you prefer.

I know there are a lot of factors need to be considered before making a life insurance buying decision. Here they are;

1. Amount of insurance needed for adequate coverage
2. Determine what type of policy will meet your needs
3. Length of Time you will need coverage and
4. How much life insurance can fit into the budget

All these can be answered if you reach out to a team of life insurance experts on the very site called The website sells life insurance including term life insurance and also allows instant rate quotes from prospective customers. The site provides quotes from the nation's top insurers.

Wordless Wednesday #:18 Sleeping Dolls

High Quality Mailboxes

We are well aware of the fact why most people don't settle for cheap stuff. One for sure is that it will be a waste of money and they don't last forever. Whereas, if you buy good or higher quality stuff like commercial Mailboxes or cluster Mailboxes, the tendency is that you might not to replace them anymore because they stand the harsh weather and won't get rusty as they are manufactured from a reputable company.

Even buying for apartment mailboxes and or CBU Mailboxes, you would want something that will last a lifetime right? Do you know where you can get all these good quality mailboxes on the internet with free shipping? You may want to take your time visiting the links above and see what you can buy there or take advantage of the 50% off retail on over 5703 mailbox products today. Browse now and get a free shipping on everything today!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Mellow Yellow #:14 Small Yellow Rental House

This is the small rental house we used to live in El Campo. My husband spent his life for ten years living here, when I first arrived in America this is where I lived for three years and our Jadyn  lived here for 2 years. In short, this was our first home together as a family.

As our family grows, we needed a bigger space, a bigger house and a bigger yard so we decided to find a place of our own that could accommodate our growing family and yes, we are now living in a house large enough for us but does require repairs and such. But we are happy!

Invest Your Money

Wouldn't it be nice while you are still capable of working at the same time you are investing your hard earned money in order for it to grow? Saving toward your retirement is a big consideration for you to think about because, by then you don't have to worry about your future. While you still can, why not join online trading or venture into stock trading? Such a nice idea to be doing this knowing that your money is generating and is making profit.

At, you can choose from a range of investing possibilities. You can trade many diffierent equities, funds and strategies while setting up conditional orders and taking advantage of after-hours trading in your account. Here is what makes it even more convenient for busy working people like you, you can do the mobile trading anytime, anywhere. Oh by the way, is an online brokerage firm allowing customers to trade stocks, options, mutual Funds, ETFs and fixed incomes at competitive costs. If interested, please visit them on their site or click on the links provided here.


If one should decide to venture into different types of businesses, we must invest a fair amount of money in it and time. It takes a lot of planning and consideration before we decide which or what specific of business are we going to do. Once the decision is finalized, that is then we start what we have planned.

Some people turned to specialty merchandise corporation where anyone can be their own boss. How is this possible? It is actually done by people who love to do online business and that they understand how to access the potential of the internet and the online business world by turning to their own ideas and concepts to make money.

All they do is apply for smc membership. As the saying goes, we cannot please everybody. Some members have been in the company for quite a long time and satisfied with what they are doing and the company. While some complain about it being a scam. Here is the explanation smc corp bbb. This is to let you know that SMC is not a scam.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

One Of The Advantages Of Staying Home

One of the advantages of being a stay-at-home mom and wife is that I get to feed my family home cooked fresh meals. I make sure I offer my husband freshly cooked breakfast on his days off and that is the least I could do for him. I don't normally make his dinner, and giving him freshly cooked breakfast/brunch makes me happy.

For instance, I cooked chicken afritada this morning for the whole family and was able to give him that smoking hot meal straight from our kitchen. This is something other working wives cannot do for they are busy and must hurry to go out the house for work. Besides cooking, I also get to spend time with family and kid/s. Watch them grow and most all there will never be times I am separated with them for I am always in the house willing to assist or give them help when they need me. Whenever the husband comes home, there I am always ready to give him a kiss and a hug!

Geeky Gadget Site

I see there is nothing wrong possessing all the latest gadgets in the world as long as you can afford it and have some money left to pay for necessary stuff. Having said that, even if a person has a lot of money to afford what he wants, that doesn't mean he doesn't need to use coupons in order to save himself some bucks when shopping for the next gadget that will come out in the market pretty soon.

Here at Geeky Gadgets Site you will find coupons to use like Apple Store coupon, Vistaprint coupons and many more. Who doesn't want to get less of the original price of the items you are eyeing for? I do. So whenever I do my shopping online, I make sure I search for coupons on different coupon sites before checking out and pay for my stuff so at least I don't feel so guilty spending money on the internet.

And for you geeky people out there, do check out to receive the latest gadgets and offers in your mail. This website is created solely for people who want to know first what is new on the market. Enjoy and have fun shopping!

So Unfortunate of Her

Here's a news footage of a young woman of 21 years old left in the country for Jordan hoping to help her family from poverty only to be killed by her employer. I hate stories like this. I feel for her and her family. I really do hope the Philippine government will do something about this, seek for justice and help the family who lost their loved ones abroad. So so unfortunate of her to end up that way.

Someday When We Have The Money

We might not be certain as to when we can have the budget for the total home renovation but we are positive we will be able to do it in the future. We got a lot of plans for this house and only God knows how much we have waited and being patient when is that fair share for my husband's going to come.

Part of the plan is for us to renovate the kitchen, replace all the old cabinets, install a new flooring, have a place for all the pots and pans accessible for us when we need them for cooking. Right now, all our pots and pans are sitting in bottom drawer which is very low for us to get and every time we need one, we have to bend over to get to them. What a pain! I already have a vision of what our kitchen is going to be. I would love to have enclume pot racks above the stove where beautiful pans can be seen and easily accessed when I cook.

I have seen a few houses on t.v where they hang their pots using enclume potracks and I tell you, they just look modern and beautiful. If you are looking for an enclume pot rack yourself, please take a look at the links above and you will find different sizes, colors and brands available.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Making Use Of The Treadmill

I almost forgot we have a treadmill in the back porch just waiting for someone to use it. Since we can no longer do our walking exercise outside, might as well make use of the treadmill every other morning. A 30-minute walk on the treadmill is good enough than not having an exercise at all. I know it is very important for me to walk daily but I can't just do that, I have things to do inside the house but I try to manage to get on the treadmill and walk slowly until my due date.

Doing such exercise used to be so enjoyable when the temperature is cooler and doing it around the neighborhood. But that isn't the case anymore. Who would want to go out when the temperature is closer/over to a hundred digit everyday? Even early in the morning I could feel the sun is at it's peak already geeeeeez... Thankfully though our treadmill is placed outside where I can get to watch the birds, the plants/garden and flowers when I do my walk... yet I still feel it's a little boring...

Your Health and Wellness Directory Online

We all aim to stay fit and healthy, don't we? America's one of the most obvious problems is obesity yet a lot of people choose to be obese while they themselves know once you are obese you will also suffer a lot of diseases like diabetes, stroke, high blood pressure etc. Personally, staying healthy is not so hard to do. Just be active, eat the right kind of foods and exercise are things a person should do in order to be healthy.

There should be no excuse about not getting an exercise for America has a vast land where they can do their walking exercise, a huge playground they can play sports or a free gym they can go to if they really need to. Aside from that, there this free Health Directory or Fitness Directory online where they get free tips, advice or healthy food menu that they can follow. But do what do they do? They choose to be lazy instead!

This Health and Wellness Directory I found just moments ago has been live since 2005 and has been helping people find the latest heatlh news, information, and resources through their comprehensive human-edited directory of websites specialising in health and wellness.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Big Savings!

I am happy we are through with our Princess' bedroom. For months this set of white furniture has been sitting in the garage waiting for my husband to work on. We bought it USED, it looked really ugly with all the writings, stains and damaged parts inside and chipped paint all over the drawers made by the previous owner... nobody would ever want to buy it , but since this furniture is made with the highest quality from a reputable furniture company the foundation and interior of the furniture showed no damage at all... my husband took the risk and paid $600 for the drawer, night stand, a mirror and a computer desk.

He ordered the missing parts from the company, fixed the damaged ones, sanded it and repainted the whole set and voila! He made it look like NEW. If we bought this entire set brand new we could've paid over 2 thousand dollars for they are expensive piece of furniture. For the desk alone, it would cost you $600 plus the mirror,drawer/chest and the nightstand?

But my husband is not the kind who will just jump into buying new things and won't even dare to exert some effort in order to save himself some money. Imagine the big savings we got for getting a used furniture and transforming it into like NEW! The price of a desk pays the entire thing and we are glad. Look how pretty they are now...all those flaws are gone!

Your Tile Online Superstore

A lot of houses I notice these days are in modern and upgraded style. The interiors are using glass mosaic tile, metal tile or as they seem to appeal to be modern in all our eyes. Personally, tile accented walls and counter tops in the kitchen and bathroom look clean and attractive.

If you are looking forward to a big renovation or a modern upgrade of your kitchen, be sure to check out on the internet so you can have an idea on what kind of tile you want to install in your home. They do have pricing details in each of these product; copper mosaic tile, metal mosaic tile, glass tile, stainless steel mosaic tile, aluminum mosaic tile and many others. Learn also their mosaic tile installation or request for a product sample and or check the frequently asked questions section.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day To All Great Dads Out There

A man whom you honor and respect as the best of mortals, who worked hard for your sake, and taught you how to live, both by wise utterances and by his good example.

This is your father.

Greetings to all dads out there and to the two fathers I know in my life, my husband who has been so supportive and wonderful to my girl and to my father who had given his all to provide for his family!!!! Cheers!! I LOVE THEM BOTH!

Bankruptcy Attorney

Many people have been badly affected by economy's downfall. If you are one of those who suffer and can no longer hold on to the business you have and wanting to file for bankruptcy, you may ask legal advice or help from an expert Sacramento bankruptcy attorney.

“Probably the worst myth about bankruptcy is that you need to be flat broke before you should file,” says Sacramento bankruptcy attorney Gerald B. Glazer. “It is not good to wait until creditors are knocking on your door,” according to Glazer. Planning can prepare you for a bankruptcy that causes the least amount of financial disruption.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My Frustration Adds Up

Okay, I received that sacred PIN in the mail last Saturday that I can use to withdraw my money on MW, what now? I entered it with a thought that I could transfer my hard earned money to my Paypal right away but to my dismay until now nothing happened. It is still pending and it's been like that for days! Dang it! Why is this website is so slow and not doing their job?

My frustration adds up everyday. The more I want to have my money moved to my account, the more I get frustrated and disappointed every time I open my dashboard seeing the word PENDING in there. I wish they can at least explain to me or to us why this is? I would understand it if they give me reason as to why the dang thing is so slow. I tried to reach them several days ago and nobody even cared to response my e-mail. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Florida Medicare

"Health is wealth." That is one of my favorite motto in life. I would rather be poor and healthy than having all the money in the world and sickly. Keeping yourself healthy all the time makes you appreciate life and every little thing comes your way for good health alone is not something everybody have. There are those that are suffering in pain and worse having that kind of illness that would forever be there in them which is incurable.

Talking all these, it is important to have health insurance especially nowadays where people get sick easy due to many factors. It is also important to understand how you can benefit from your insurance although not all can afford it but there are those that provide less cost than most insurance companies charge you for.

If you live in Florida and want to know different options for medicare, you visit this website Florida medicare for it explains thoroughly what those Medicare Parts A, Medicare Part B, Medicare Part C plans and Medicare Part D Drug coverage and all the options are all about. This Medicare stuff can really be confusing to some people so give this this site a visit for it provides basic information on Medicare Parts A, B, C and D and links to and sites and other links that may be of use to those navigating the sometimes confusing Medicare waters.

Bidrack Exists

I only know two auction sites in my life until I chanced upon bidrack this morning. It used to be just E-bay and property room now I know three. Bidrack is unique for they promise, if you purchase a $60 or more bid package they guarantee that you will win at least one bid pack auction. Or for a better understanding, it simply says, each auction starts and zero, there is a timer on this action and every time one bid is places, it goes up for another 15 seconds and if there is no other bids other yourself than you then you win. Free to register that will get you free bonus spins on the wheel but there is a fee if you wish to place bids again of 50 cents.

You question will be, after purchasing that $60 bid package and what if you don't win? If you do not win, bids you used will be instantly credited back to your account. The website itself give you your bids back until you do win! Here is a great thing, only Bid Packages $60 and above carry the win guarantee, $27 bid packages are not guaranteed. To learn more about this site, please visit the link above and it should get you to the information you need to know. Good luck and enjoy winning on your favorite items.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

No More Qubo Channel For Her

Qubo provides safe haven for kids. Their shows are suitable for young audiences like my daughter. They only play shows that teach good values that I am trying to teach to my child. Baby girl loved the channel very much that she could watch all their shows all day without changing channel. Her favorite shows are Rescue Heroes, Willa, Pearlie, Boo!, Gofrette, Shelldon and a whole lot more. From the moment she wakes up in the morning 'till the evening she is always on Qubo.

That was the situation before our indoor antenna was moved up to the roof. For some reason we cannot get a signal for Qubo. Of all the channels we have, only the kid's channel can't get any signal which is very strange. It's sad to know there will be no more Qubo channel for our Princess unless my husband decide to bring back the antenna inside the house but I doubt that's gonna happen for he went through all the trouble of climbing up and down the roof, installing it up there only to bring it back inside!

Buy Tickets From Trusted Tickets Agents Only

Is it officially summer already? It feels like it. For weeks we feel like it's mid-summer where we are at now due to the very hot and rising temperature each and every day. With this being said, summer is the month most people anticipate to come. Why? It is when most ball games are being played. And if I know it, a lot of families, children, young kids, adults are sports fan so they really look forward to seeing and cheering their favorite team in basketball, baseball or NFL.

While that sounds exciting to others, for us here it is nothing because my husband is not a fan of any ball games at all. I, too aren't too into it but I watch NFL on t.v once in a while if it's on there. But for those that are looking forward to sitting down in the arena and would like to know when is the schedule of their team's game they can check out for it.

It is where they can purchase genuine tickets for the the following Buffalo Bills Tickets, Chicago Bears Tickets, Dallas Cowboys Tickets, Denver Broncos Tickets and Green Bay Packers Tickets. Advice though, loyal fans should only buy tickets to legitimate ticket agents for there are fake ones swarming on the internet. People who do this are selling fake tickets trying to rip you off. Trust me, I've heard stories like this just recently on MAVS and HEAT game.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Keeping Valuables Safe

Keeping your valuables safe somehow give you an ease of mind. You do not have to worry of losing them or someone might steal them if they are stored safely using Pelican cases. A Pelican case is heavy duty and is unbreakable, waterproof and stackable. Today Pelican cases from Pelican can be found in the hands of law enforcement, firefighters, the medical industry, the military, outdoor enthusiasts and hobby fanatics all around the globe.

Doctor Appointment Later

Another OBGYN appointment again today. This time it is going to be every two weeks until my delivery. While it's good to see my doctor that often but it can be a bit of hassle for me. I just feel lazy going to that same office anymore where a supposed to be 30-minute appointment could turn into a painful 1 and a half hours of waiting. I am not complaining though, I'm just saying. I don't hold the doctor's activities in the office so I must wait, I'm the one who need her.

On the other hand, it makes me excited hearing my baby's heartbeat or seeing her in the sonogram.. just as excited as it was my first baby. Aside from that, I'd like to know how the baby is doing inside, how big she is now and if she is growing an even more chunkier cheeks lolz. Ah just loving being pregnant here. It only happens twice in my life as I am decided that we are done with having kids after the second baby.

Optimized Cable Company

Sometimes what you need can't be found at a local electronic store so you will have to turn your search on the internet looking for that specific VGA cable at Optimized Cable Company.
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Other products available at Optimized Cable Company are VGA Adapters, a VGA Splitter and a VGA to DVI Upconvert. What else do you want from a site aside from high quality products? They have fast, free shipping, great prices and most of all they have outstanding customer service. One more thing, please take advantage of their free shipping special promotion, you should order by 6 PM Eastern for same-day shipping.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Feeding Her Baby Doll

I am trying to teach my big girl soon to be a big sister how to take care of a baby. I want her to be prepared for the incoming newborn so she will not have difficulty adjusting to her little sister. I teach her how to feed her doll, show love to the little baby so she can apply it to the actual/living human being that's gonna be here soon. Also for her to become my little helper.

This photo attached shows her feeding the doll that would soon be sleeping and snore. When the doll does that and I continue talking or making noise, she'd say "mommy shhhhhhh stop talking, the baby is sleeping!". Hmmppp she acts like a matured human being.

Apple Store Coupons

There are things most people can very well afford to buy. Lucky are those who have extra money for they can just buy themselves whatever they want, whatever they desire even if those things aren't so important, for the sake of having it, they'll go ahead and buy it. When new and latest cellphones are out, people actually camped out of Apple store just to be the first one to get the very latest iPhone4. I was like, what? Is he crazy? I have seen it on the local news and yeah it really was true.

I thought this guy has nothing to do in his life except being crazy with gadgets such as the iPhone. While camping out, he was also listening on the latest gadget news, waiting for Apple Store coupons to be released hoping that he could save himself a few bucks. Who would not want that? I guess we all do love coupons, right?

For sure a lot of people are eyeing for promo codes just like Newegg promo codes has. Gladly though that stores in America offer promo or coupon codes to their customers, otherwise it would be very expensive to things that we want.

Upgrade Your Ride

Some people treat their cars or vehicles as their baby. They invested so much to it because for them, it's the only thing that makes them happy and the only thing they can spend money on without hesitation. I don't blame them for each one of us has its own passion and love. For those that want to upgrade their "baby", they would buy necessary OEM Car Parts online and they install it themselves if they are handy. But most people or men I know would hire a mechanic to fix their cars and have OEM Auto Parts installed in their behalf. After that, once the car is fixed, it will be back to its good running condition then the owners will be happy and proud to drive the babies again.

If you are one of those that love cars so much and want only the best parts that are available online, please turn your search on to for they have everything you need, high quality genuine auto parts that include the best OEM replacements. They have been on the business for so long. They keep a defective history of every part they sell. Plus parts are beautifully
photographed and accurately cataloge for the sake of their customers.

Like A Rainbow

This is what my girl loves to do when she's in the kitchen. When I go to the kitchen, she'd follow me there not to bother me but do her thing as well by rearranging her magnetic letters sticking in the refrigerator. I love how she arranged them this time for they look like a rainbow, so colorful and attractive.

I told her to take a quick pose with her letters and this is what she showed me, that fine smile of her and a pretty face makes it all perfect. Huh, love my own! You can't blame me, I am just one proud mommy to a great Filipina-American baby!

Yes, We Are Using Walgreens' Mouth Rinse

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Walgreens for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.



It's been a month now since we started using that Walgreens Brand Health & Wellness Products we received in the mail. That specific product is Walgreens mouth rinse that we use every night before going to bed. My husband like it so far. I did try using a few caps of it before I turned it over to my husband because I am pregnant right now and my gums and tongue are kind of sensitive to that thing. I find it very strong and gives me tears once I rinse my mouth with it.


However, I am thinking of buying another one once I give birth to my baby for it is very important for me to keep my mouth healthy especially during the night for I am wearing retainers and this is one way to keep the bacteria away. Of course, we will be loyal to buying stuff  Walgreens Brand Health & Wellness Products so we can at least contribute Walgreens Way to Well Fund™ as our way of supporting our community.  Besides, their prices are way cheaper or lower than national brand. It enables us to save at least a few bucks every time we shop at Walgreens.

Here's a good news to all  if you want to participate in making a happier healthier community, people or dear readers you may want to check out Walgreens Gift Card giveaways !  No purchase necessary to enter or claim prize so you all should grab the opportunity to win the prize.




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Taking Too Long To Arrive

I've been making tasks through MW for at least three weeks now. They don't pay good in every task they offer but I am patiently working my ass on this site hoping to save up some money. The highest offer they have I am qualified for is two bucks yet I'm still doing it for fun and to kill time on the computer. For the first two weeks, I saved up a little over 40 dollars and tried to withdraw it to see if they really pay me of my hard work. For days, I am still waiting for that so called PIN they mailed to me so I can activate my withdrawal from them. They said they mailed that needed PIN last June 2 but until now nothing arrives in the mail.

Why it has taken so long for them to send what I need to withdraw my money? It's weird since everybody is using electronic mail nowadays to do online business yet this company stick to the traditional way of sending confidential information to their clients. I am getting impatient here, I tell you. According to the member who has been there for a while that they really pay their workers. I hope so! I hope they are not one of those scamming paid blogging sites that promise to pay their bloggers at the end of the month and when that time comes they move the payday to another era until it will  be forgotten.

I Wish I Can Be Away From Home

Just moments ago my husband asked me where I want to go today. While he asked me the best question ever, I couldn't answer him although I really want to be away from the corners of the house for a while. I am getting bored of being stuck in the house all day everyday. I cannot even go out for a walk for it is just too hot outside. Obviously, I am bored and getting very bored as days go by.

What I wish is for us to have that quick escapade from somewhere fun, somewhere there's a beach, a bit cooler than Texas and most of all an out-of the country experience is what I would love to have at this point of my life. While making this entry right now, I am also eying on HomeAway Holiday-Rentals where people can get amazing deals for summer of 2011.

Gosh tons of travel offers at this site right now and I am jealous. Makes me wish we had money to avail all the discounts they have for their clients so we can get away from Texas heat. And if ever we could do that, I would not forget to bring a Travel cookbook with me and make the whole family some of the featured Italian Main Courseson the cook book since I am in the mood for cooking and craving for something Italian to serve on our table. I wish! I wish! We can do this....if not this year, perhaps in the future!

Dodge Jeep

Driving a jeep would be cool if you go for an adventure or driving to a dirt road. I don't see many jeeps in this area although there are few men and women drive them in the freeway. Maybe in some places or states where a jeep is needed they will be commonly seen. However, in big cities or states like Chicago, auto dealerships sell dodge jeep as well. If you are looking for one and lives in that area, you can browse on their site and see what you can find there and buy in the future. Or you may visit Chicago area Chrysler Jeep Dodge Dealer and service center near you.

It is important to read their car blog first, if I may suggest before going out there and picking that very jeep you dreamed of driving. This way you will have an idea as to how much it would cost you new or used vehicle, the mileage and the prices depending what year it is being made. I know choosing the best ride of your life can be confusing sometimes because of the many options you see online or at a local dealership, with that said I wish you the best of luck choosing for the prettiest and the best Dodge jeep for you.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Victoria's Secret's The Semi Annual Sale

If you feel like shopping today, go to the Victoria's Secret website. A lot of cool finds there. You gotta be hurry for this won't last long, ends until Thursday! Just wanna share this good news to my readers so they can take advantage of the free shipping they offer!

Those Semi-Annual Sale steals just got even stealier. Free Shipping with $25 Purchase. Thru 6/9. Shop now at

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Merril DataSite

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Monday, June 6, 2011

Mellow Yellow Monday #: 13 Fun At The Beach


Now that the temperature is getting hotter, these pictures make me wanna go home so I can be on the beach everyday. When it's very hot there is only one place I can only think of going.... Philippines, where beaches are everywhere and won't cost so much gas to go there as they are just few miles away from our home. These shots were taken during our PI vacation last November 2010-Feb.2011. Argggsss I'm itching to be on the in right now!
........ the long slides which my brother and little sister enjoyed @ forgot the name of the beach...

Sunday, June 5, 2011

A Customized Card For Him

My baby and I make it a tradition every year to give the father of this house a customized Father's day card. So far he has 2 different cards given to him from Jadyn from the past two years. We just want him to feel and remember that he's a father to an awesome little girl in our own special way. Yes, giving a card to him is such a simple yet thoughtful way to show how much we appreciate all the hard work and care he has given to his family.

Eventually, when Jadyn is able to write him a message, I would let her write something for her father in the cards I personally make on Kodak gallery. Here's the third one I created for this year and just waiting for it to arrive in the mailbox in the next few days. I will have my child write a simple greeting for her father (guide her hand to write) so it will be ready on Father's day. It would be awesome if the card has Jadyn's touch on it that would make the card special.

....... this is just a front view of the card, inside will be another photo of them and a message plus Jadyn's hand writing when it gets here.

Where To Obtain Government Certified Documentation

In my home country when we say obtaining government documentation such as birth certificates, death certificates, marriage certificates and etc is such a hard thing to do and it can take forever before you can have a copy of your needed document. You will have to go personally to the national statistics office and request a copy of that certain document then you'll have to fall in long lines for hours and hours. Imagine the trouble and hassle you will have to go through just to comply with the requirements you ought to have. I've been there, done that and it was just ridiculous.

Now I am in a different world where everything is easy, fast and secure. A certain website called Vital Chek do exist that provides an express certificate services on the internet whether you are getting certified copies of any of the following birth certificates, death certificates, marriage certificates, etc. This company is known to be America's leading source for government certified vital records. I couldn't be more happier knowing that it exists because next time I need something for my children in the future, I can just easily visit the website and obtain one certified copy of any of those documents.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Beautiful Neighborhood

I have been to this beautiful neighborhood where rich people are living twice or three times already. The last one we went to was to look at roofs and wall colors of their houses. We just drove to their entire neighborhood and one of several things I noticed is that all these houses are using the same high quality whitehall mailboxes. Not only they have attracted houses but they also made their place even more appealing by using just the same whitehall products especially their mailboxes. I thought it was awesome and I tell you it was the nicest neighborhood I have ever seen so far in Texas.

If one is looking to replace his or her old mailbox, they should look on the internet and go directly to Whitehall mailboxes' official website because they have different sizes. finish, materials and styles to choose from. Besides, they offer Ffee shipping on all Whitehall Mailboxes.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Top EC Droppers For The Month of May

I would like to thank to the following Entrecarders for their never failing EC dropping during the entire month of May. I am happy you guys taking the time to drop your ECs to mine. My heartfelt gratitude to you all especially the top four droppers of mine! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Betheretday ---- 31

Beaded Tail ---- 30

Comedy Plus -----29

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Wordless Wednesday #:16 Sisters

...... kids in our house, Chicha the dog is just 2 months older from the human kid. They are like sisters for they both love each other...very much!

Chicago Honda Dealer

I got tons of Filipina friends all over the United States, most of them are my classmates during school days. Some are just acquaintances through blogging and in social networking sites like Facebook and Friendster. One person in particular just arrived in Chicago a couple of months ago and she mentioned to me one time on yahoo messenger about a because she and her husband are in hunt for a car so she can start her driving practice. Well, since I do a lot of review about different car dealership, I told her to visit the new Chicago Honda dealer. There they can find tons of pre-owned vehicles like this Honda Accord Coupe and many cars from different manufacturers which are still in good running condition.

Chicago Honda dealer doesn't only sell new and used vehicles but they also offer the following services; express service for $24.95 you can have an oil change with multi-point inspection, Honda in-cabin air filter replacement with a $10 off. I hope I was able to help that friend of mine locating a car dealer around her area so she can do the driving soon. Or you may read their blog


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