Thursday, June 9, 2011

Taking Too Long To Arrive

I've been making tasks through MW for at least three weeks now. They don't pay good in every task they offer but I am patiently working my ass on this site hoping to save up some money. The highest offer they have I am qualified for is two bucks yet I'm still doing it for fun and to kill time on the computer. For the first two weeks, I saved up a little over 40 dollars and tried to withdraw it to see if they really pay me of my hard work. For days, I am still waiting for that so called PIN they mailed to me so I can activate my withdrawal from them. They said they mailed that needed PIN last June 2 but until now nothing arrives in the mail.

Why it has taken so long for them to send what I need to withdraw my money? It's weird since everybody is using electronic mail nowadays to do online business yet this company stick to the traditional way of sending confidential information to their clients. I am getting impatient here, I tell you. According to the member who has been there for a while that they really pay their workers. I hope so! I hope they are not one of those scamming paid blogging sites that promise to pay their bloggers at the end of the month and when that time comes they move the payday to another era until it will  be forgotten.


Life by Cynthia said...

Sorry to hear about your frustration. I'm not familiar with MW? Is it like Social Spark? I hope you get your money soon.

I am following your blog from Wordless Wednesday.

Cynthia | Dollars & Sense

texaswithlove1982 said...

I got my pin after a month of waiting and after that I have to wait another three days or so before the payment can be transferred to my PayPal account. Just hang in there!

texas_sweetie said...

@ cynthia, thanks for following me. Microworkers is what I meant for MW. yeah it is frustrating waiting on something u badly need.


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