Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Big Savings!

I am happy we are through with our Princess' bedroom. For months this set of white furniture has been sitting in the garage waiting for my husband to work on. We bought it USED, it looked really ugly with all the writings, stains and damaged parts inside and chipped paint all over the drawers made by the previous owner... nobody would ever want to buy it , but since this furniture is made with the highest quality from a reputable furniture company the foundation and interior of the furniture showed no damage at all... my husband took the risk and paid $600 for the drawer, night stand, a mirror and a computer desk.

He ordered the missing parts from the company, fixed the damaged ones, sanded it and repainted the whole set and voila! He made it look like NEW. If we bought this entire set brand new we could've paid over 2 thousand dollars for they are expensive piece of furniture. For the desk alone, it would cost you $600 plus the mirror,drawer/chest and the nightstand?

But my husband is not the kind who will just jump into buying new things and won't even dare to exert some effort in order to save himself some money. Imagine the big savings we got for getting a used furniture and transforming it into like NEW! The price of a desk pays the entire thing and we are glad. Look how pretty they are now...all those flaws are gone!

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J-mie said...

I love the first photo that you posted. Your little girl is adorable. She is a natural poser. A model in the making. Congratulations on having such an adorable kid. :)


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